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Yesterday’s MUFON ‘blockbuster’ announcement was a bit of a let down.

August 6th, 2012 by Owen Quinn Comments

The big build up to an earth shattering announcement from MUFON yesterday that they would rock the UFO community to their core proved to be more than a disappointment.

They revealed they had found two crash sites in pristine condition from May 1953 and had been given 60 volumes of UFO research from the late ufologist Leonard H. Stringfield. Cue the tumbleweed effect.

They claim that these sites that occurred over a four day period in 1953 near Kingman AZ. After researching the cases, they found radiation was five times higher in one crash site, while nearby were army cans with lead seals and plates suggesting they had had an operation there too. Well, if that doesn’t scream alien visitation I don’t know what will.

At the other site, Red Lake, you can apparently see a scar in the mountain where a UFO hit before making an indent in the ground where it impacted. Four human bodies or at least human looking were apparently recovered and taken to Groom Lake and Nellis Airbase. Could they actually have been test pilots rather than aliens? The ship was said to be seamless with a seam running round its middle like a clam. Em….

This revelation was done after meticulous research.

Call me old fashioned, but this is hardly announcements that will have the UFO community – or anyone else – talking for years to come. What a disappointment. This is the same old drivel as always and, for a section that seeks credibility, promising huge world shattering revelations like this isn’t the way to do it. Many were expecting a body to be revealed but alas no. How can a crash site be pristine after 60 years and literally someone donated their UFO collection; sorry MUFON, let’s hope the guys over at BFRO’s Bigfoot steaks prove much more and so far things are panning out there.

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