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FTN Halloween Special: Robin Shelby

31 Oct25:27 Play

Although we at FTN love several franchises: Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, for many of us, Ghostbusters is the one we hold closest to our hearts.
AsK anyone what they remember about Ghostbusters and pretty close to the top of the list of answers you’ll get will be Slimer, the green ghost introduced in the first movie by sliming Peter Venkman (Bill Murray) and who was an animatronic – and in one case a painted peanut – creation.

Slimer soon became a big part of the team when, last seen escaping during the credits of the origianl movie, he was re-introduced in The Real Ghostbusters animated series as a companion, indeed in the episode Citizen Ghost, the writers explained how he came to live with the four Ghostbusters and saved them from evil ghost versions of themselves.

Slimer soon became as important to the audience as the boys in grey themselves.

So, by the time Ghsotbusters II went before the cameras Slimer was to be a bigger part of the team, to be seen interacting in the movie and, once again, helping to save the day. To do this they needed him to have character and to be played by an actress. That actress is the lovely Robin Shelby…

It was our absolute pleasure to send Big Phil to chat with her about being history’s most loveable ghost, working with Bill Murray and being part of the movie Willow…

And that’s just the beginning. Happy Halloween from us all at FTN!


21 Oct122:41 Play


Jay joins Marc in the studio this week as they talk about all the latest nerd news and reviews.
Just a few of the things covered this week: Adele’s theme for Skyfall, why that Jurassic Park dream can never happen and we look at the finale of Doctor Who and the final sign-off of the Ponds.
We talk about the return of Dexter and the Walking Dead, and then The Monday Movie Show’s Stuart comes on to go through the UK Box Office top ten and gives us his opinion on all the new releases.
Then later, Andy, the other half of the Monday Movie Show, calls into the show to talk about the home release of Prometheus and just how much the extra features bring to the movie experience.
We also talk about the trailer for A Good Day To Die Hard – yes, John McClane is back! And we geek out about just how briliant IDW’s ongoing Ghostbusters series is.
And finally we talk about the big Star Wars event here in N Ireland, Star Wars Invasion V in W5.

04 Oct98:12 Play


Another week, another nerdy EXTRAVAGANZA!
We were plagued with technical issues this week, so apologies for some of the craziness. Marc’s blaming co-host Stephen ‘Vote Saxon o7’ McCullagh, but it’s probably nothing to do with him…
Ok, this week we talk Patrick Stewart returning to the X-Men movies, Doctor Who pops up again as we prepare for the tearful leaving of Amy and Rory, we get all man-crushy over Seth McFarlane – it’s embarrassing but we aren’t proud.
We discuss the problems the Planet of the Apes sequel faces due to Fox giving the release date before they have a director, actors or any of that unimportant stuff…
We contemplate the damage kids could do to our toy collection – Toy Story flash backs! – and we get ourselves, and you, ready for the biggest Star Wars event in the UK, yes, the Emerald Garrison is back in W5, Belfast and FTN are going to be there too.
And this is merely the tip of the iceberg that is FTN Podcast Episode 38.
Just remember, you Nerd it here first…





27 Sep143:13 Play


Marc is joined in the studio this week by the one, the only, Jay Faulkner. Madness ensues…
Our BIG guest this week is stunt man/co-ordinator Kevin Rushton who has worked on such small movies you may have heard of as X-Men and Hulk and he’s talking about his life in the business, the good and the bad and what the future holds for stunt work.
We get into all the latest Nerd news and spend a little extra time talking about Dredd 3D, Apple’s new iOS6, the Robocop reboot – shudder – plus we highlight what’s up for grabs at tonight’s auction for NI Children’s Hospital, proudly in association with ftn.
As if that wasn’t enough, we talk about superhero stories migrating from cinema to TV, we look forward to The Cabin in the Woods on blu-ray and getting a Joss Whedon commentary, criminally missing from The Avengers disc here in the UK.
We also get Stuart and Andy on from The Monday Movie Show who do the UK Box Office Top Ten and, finally, Marc’s re-discovery of comics continues as he slowly falls in love with Marvel after years of being a DC man…
Busy enough? We think so… remember, you Nerd it here first.

20 Sep126:30 Play


On this week’s show Marc is joined by comic guy Jay and madness ensues…
We talk weight loss(?) and the best ways to do it, as only ftn can, we talk Dredd 2D, the return of Doctor Who, the Monday Movie Show host Stuart pops up to give us the UK box Office Top ten.
Avengers pop up (again) and we talk about the genius of Joss Whedon. And the hints, tips, clues and Easter eggs hidden within the Marvel movies, and what are the chance of a Doctor Strange movie?
We cover games, comics, movies, TV and others bits. What else could you want in two hours?
Remember… you Nerd it here first.

13 Sep100:46 Play


This week Marc is joined in the studio by toy reviewer and regular wit Stephen ‘Vote Saxon ’07’ McCulla.
It’s another does of all the latest Nerd news and reviews as we get under the skin of the new series of Doctor Who… and we chat movies, games, comics and all the best stuff. Tune in and chill out with FTN.

13 Sep115:49 Play


On this week’s show Marc is joined by the king of nerd talk, daddy uncool himself, Big Phil.
And we get through all the latest nerd news and reviews, but the highlight of the night is the EXCLUSIVE we get from the one and only Troy Duffy, writer and director of the Boondock Saints movies about… well, if you’re a fan you’re not going to want to miss this scoop!
Just remember, as always, you Nerd it here first…





05 Sep25:38 Play


We caught up writer and artist of Spandex a while back and talked tohim about why his characters are so different from other superhero teams, how he got there, what were his influences and what’s next…
We also chat alot about y’know, stuff…

30 Aug105:13 Play


In the studio this week with Marc is Stuart and Andy from the Monday Movie Show and they chat about all the big movie, games and generally nerdy news.
Also joining them is the talented and lovely voice actress from New York called Brizzy Voices. They also chat to the online movie reviewer who has become an internet sensation due to his young age, yes Lights, Camera, Jackson tells us what got him excited this summer and what is still to come.
Remember… you Nerd it here first.

16 Aug105:28 Play


Another packed show this week as Marc is joined in the studio by the guy who does the FTN News videos and the cool Vote Saxon 07 toy reviews (, Stephen McCulla.
Yes, on this week’s show we chat with Trey Stokes, the man behind the Pink Five Saga, the series that toes the line between send-up and homage of the Star Wars Original Trilogy. You can find the series here and we seriously recommend checking it out – it’s a lot of fun and you can help get the final chapter made too.
On top of that we also chat about Spider-man, Doctor Who, paranormal, UFOs, trailers, news, toys… oh, you know what to expect at this stage!
Tune in and spread the word, there’s no stopping the Nerd train.
And remember… you nerd it here first!

12 Aug29:03 Play


Following the Nerd’s Marc caught up with John Challis, Boycie from Only Fools And Horses, and talked about what it was like to be a part of, arguably TV’s best comedy series of all time, his life as a writer and The voice of the Guide in the new Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy stage show, plus his time on The Sweeney, Doctor Who, Mr Snuffleupagus and more…











09 Aug104:27 Play


This week Marc is joined in the studio by writer and comic nerd Jay.
Another two interviews this week, first up is the lovely Ink Babes, the ladies behind the Bleeding Ink Anthology who are a blast! Then we talk to Andy and Brian from Gam3rcon in San Diego who talk about their plans for next year’s show… we wanna go!
In the news, we talk about, among many other things, the new Skyfall, Dark Knight Returns and Doctor Who trailer, we ponder the significance of the new X-Men movie being called Days of Future Past, there’s more Ghostbusters 3 news, Marvel movies pop up (again) and the Moff talks about these Doctor Who movie rumours.
Our big movie review this week is Seth McFarlane’s superb Ted

06 Aug25:47 Play



Super Dingo an online series that is taking the internet by storm. Big Phil sat down and talked to them about the who, what and where of the show.

Check them out here:

03 Aug168:08 Play


Ok, this week Marc is joined by Jay and Phil!
We start off by breaking down The Dark Knight RIses, then we chat Spider-man, Thomas Jane’s return as Punisher and if he would fit in the new Marvel movie universe, there’s much talk about Indiana Jones 5 – and poor Phil gets slightly animated – before we talk about just when movie characters become icons.
Marc suffers from mediocre movie love, and Crowbar is back – and even he needs to get his say on Nolan’s last Batman movie.

Johnny from the NI Actors Tweet up comes on and talks about how they are trying to bring film talent together to get projects off the ground.

Catherine Taber, the wonderful actress who plays Padme in Clone Wars, talks Nerds and Star Wars with Marc – full podcast to be released very soon of this interview.

Bill Hicks the movie autobiography is coming… who could play him though? We do ponder such things… Red Dwarf is back, Robocop remake casting news – this gets better and better on paper every week, and finally we talk about vampires and how they came from our green isle.

As always, it’s a bit packed, but hey, it’s what we do. You Nerd it here first.








27 Jul142:06 Play


It’s the Following the Nerd Podcast and this week the show is, as always, presented by Marc and in the studio this week is Jay and Paddy. And it’s another busy show.
We have two great interviews this week, first up is Stacey Graham, authoress of the Girls’ Ghosthunting Guide and other spooky books, we also have an interview with Clone Wars artist Will Sliney who talks about his great upcoming projects.
We also chat – a lot – about The Dark Knight Rises, some of the big reveals at San Diego Comic Con, there’s some Spidey chat, Leornard Nimoy gets dragged into it all too.
We also talk about the new series of Doctor Who as well as all the latest news and reviews from the world of Movies, Comics, Toys, Games among other things.
And why is Paddy wearing a Steve Austin tee-shirt?!


26 Jul142:06 Play


No idea why this is in the list with two upload dates (see entry above)

21 Jul113:56 Play


This week jay and Marc reckon the studio is haunted, then they talk about the amazing Spider-man and review it on-air.
Next is the two big interviews for this week, Firstly we chat with Kyle Stevenson, director of the superb short-film There Are No Heroes and next we interview – and talk about Oreos (a lot) with – IDW’s Kill Shakepeare co-creator Anthony Del Col.
Then the usual nerd news covering such topics such as Marvel now!, the fantastic Taken 2 trailer, the new movie universe Avengers animated series Avengers Assembled, Ghostbusters 3 and why it’s still not happened, Game of Thrones and its odd relationship with the BBC series Merlin, we try to decipher the Iron Man 3 concept art, Tom Crusie’s controversial casting as Jack Reacher, and the new 52.
We also discover that spiders seem to be our Nerd Kryponite. We probably shouldn’t have told you that…

07 Jul111:46 Play


Jay joins Marc in the studio this week as we talk Fringe – which is only apt as we interview the lovely actess Jasika Nicole who play Astrid Farnworth in the hit sci-fi show Fringe.
We talk about the Bourne Legacy, Bourne without Bourne… for now anyway. We also talk to short film Sam Macaroni – without a doubt the craziest interview we’ve ever carried out.
On top of that we have all the usual news and reviews… plug in your earphones and let us take you on a journey into… Nerd-topia.







01 Jul25:36 Play


In this special episode we speak to the lovely Jasika Nicole, better known as Astrid in the fantastic TV show Fringe.
We chat about her work in the series, her relationship with Walter Bishop – played by the fantastic John Noble – and just what we can expect from the final season. We even get a couple of exclusive hints as to what we can expect.
We then talk about her art and just why it’s so personal to her.
All in all, a lovely lady who we are proud and pleased to have interviewed.
Just remember… you Nerd it here first.

01 Jul106:25 Play


On this week’s show Marc is joined by Boys From County Hell star Michael Lavery and his lovely wife and fellow actor Mary-Ellen and later the king Nerd himself, big Phil joins the chaos.
We… See More gear up for the Boys From County Hell world premiere and Q-Con, both of which happened in Belfast.
The trailers that get our attention this week are Taken 2, Monsters
University and Judge Dredd… we talk about FTN favourite Nathan Fillion and ponder how he still isn’t the world’s biggest actor.
Writer Owen Quinn calls in to pay homage to Doctor Who actress Liz Shaw and just how important she was to the direction Who eventually took.
We get talking Blair Witch, Hulk, Jurassic Park 4 and Jeff Daniels!
Batman talk pops up – as it often does these days – Stan Lee as Spider-man, the end of Life In Hell, the newspaper strip that got Matt Groening noticed as well as Futurama talk and fun clips.
We also look at Django Unchained and how it may be the return to form of Quentin Tarantino and those Venom movie rumours just won’t die.
And this is just the tip of the iceberg… tune in and chill out with the FTN team.

21 Jun100:53 Play


Ok, we’re back and this week Marc’s co-host is comic guru Jay Faulkner.
And if that’s not enough, we have another packed show. First up we have world-class impressionist and voice actor Anthony Ingruber ( and we have our intrepid reporter Crowbar who’s back from E3 and full of, em, news 🙂
On the news front, we have more Batman news than you can shake a stick at as Batman finally faces off to Superman in Smallville, and we talk about The Dark Knight Returns – the other great Batman movie of 2012. And on that note, Batman in the DKR will be voiced by Peter Weller which leads us nicely into the Robocop reboot which keeps popping up. This week we learn that they are on the verge of casting the main villain… and it’s an inspired choice.
We also talk Star Trek, uniforms, Klingons, TNG, Imax and 3D before a routine touch of Twilight bashing. Mind you, it’s all in good humour.
And on the wrap up we talk about our meeting with Mummy star Brendan Fraser last week, why Marc’s not watching Awake, even though he’s confident it’s brilliant and yes, there’s even some Ghostbusters III news with grumpy Bill talking about the third movie.
Phew, I’m wrecked just writing it all down! Now tune in and enjoy.
Don’t forget to subscribe and iTunes ( and send us your comments please guys 🙂

14 Jun109:14 Play


Another busy show this week as your host, Marc, is joined by Big Phil (the uber-nerd) and two very special guests.
First up we speak to John Wright, organiser of RCW 139: “From a Million Miles” – The world’s only convention for fans of the classic TV show Due South, returns this August 17-19th in Toronto, Canada! Named after a recurring license plate seen on Due South, RCW 139 is the 7th convention since 1996, organised by fans of the show for fans of the show.
Next we chat to Sam Johnston and Mike Gagnon, who have just had their Avengers spoof The Amighties published digitally.
If you want info on From A Million Miles go to:
To check out The Amighties and download a copy, go to

As well as these we also talk Robocop, Transformers, Blade Runner, Hannibal Lecter, the live action Star Wars series and Star Trek, the Scream TV show, we also bid farewell to two legends: Ray Bradbury and the Trololo Man… so, as always, this is the place to catch up on all the latest Nerd news…

07 Jun114:52 Play


On this week’s show host Marc is joined by Bash and big Phil and chaos ensures.
We talk about Prometheus with the guys from the Monday Movie Show, we also chat about the film festival at Belfast’s Waterfront,
Marc winds poor Phil up by telling how boring the Hobbit is and on top of that we chat to actor Jason Stuart who has starred in such things as Kindergarten Cop and he’ll be talking about his upcoming movies.
We also talk to Conor McGee, who will be doing the first ever direct trip from N Ireland to the Norway to see the Northern Lights, which is pretty cool.
We talk about The Dark Knight and what we’re hoping for, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, what Marvel have planned for the movies down the line, and we say goodbye to Dr Gregory House.

31 May112:25 Play


As well as all the usual news and reviews from the world of Nerd – Prometheus! Gary Oldman is Robobcop’s dad! Marvel give us a gay marriage! – we also have two great interviews for your listening pleasure too.

First up we’re going to be speaking to Music Video Director Daniel Azarian and band Whisperado’s lead singer Jon Sobel about their new song and video that is making waves all over the entertainment world, Teenage Popstar. The Video by Underdog Entertainment has just been picked up by AOL and is featured on AOL Music and is a great take on modern pop culture with a Stepford Wives overtone, so they are really enjoying the moment, the highlight is obviously being on the FTN Podcast!
Then after that we talk to Bobby Reed. Bobby is currently starring in web-series Fletcher Drive and has just finished filming the movie Angry Video Game Nerd. So, no doubt we’ll be getting into those during the interview as well as speaking about his career in theatre and appearing in shows like Law & Order, Sons of Anarchy and Parenthood.

Whew… the party never stops at FTN HQ!

24 May98:28 Play


This week your host, Marc, is joined by entertainment journalist Paddy Ryan and uber-nerd Phil Wilce.
It’s all news this week as we talk about the new Skyfall poster, the disappearance of Nick Stahl and the wrapping of CSI: Miami.
We also talk about the new Amazing Spider-man trailer and reflect on the possiblity of it bettering Raimi’s vision, the possible Venom spin-off and the speculation runs wild as we ponder if Sony want to mine Spidey as their Avengers, creating a whole Spider-man universe.
Speaking of Avengers, we wonder if Marvel’s planned 2 movies per year, plus as yet unannounced titles is overkill. And Phil ponders how he can’t get his head around Iron Man but has no problem accepting Captain America. Poor Phil.
We also chat to Crowbar who’s getting ready for E3 and we talk Nolan’s Dark Knight, Snyder’s Man of Steel and just what’s next for Edgar Wright? And, just before the finish, Phil gives us a crash course in Convention ettiquette…

22 May24:20 Play


Big Phil headed to Petersborough last weekend for The Greatest Show in the Galaxy and, while he was there, he caught up with a few people you may have heard of… Doctor Who stars Paul McGann and Sylvester McCoy, voice of the Daleks, Nigk Briggs, John Laveen, Janet Feilding, Star Trek’s Colm Meaney and Chase Masterson, as well as Terry Molloy.
Phil has no fear when it comes to the interviews. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do…

17 May92:02 Play


Well, this week we have Paddy and Big Phil in the studio with host Marc, and later Ruth pops in to keep us all in check as our rampant nerdiness gets over-inflated.
We talk about, among other things, Star trek, Edgar Wright and his two new projects Ant-Man and World’s End (we briefly ponder why Paul isn’t part of the Cornetto Trilogy too), Kick-Ass 3 gets a mention now that it’s confirmed.
We interview Stargate and Supernatural actor Benson Simons and talk about his widely acclaimed online tutorial for budding actors.
We also look at Sacha Baron Cohen’s casting as Freddie Mercury, get a little man-crushy on the Rock as we chat Fast & Furious.
There is pondering over Jim Cameron’s decision to sideline everything except the Avatar sequels, but still reflect on him being a great man.
Phil gets all excited about The Greatest Show In The Galaxy (full coverage coming soon to and, as we wind down, we talk Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows, the news that Beetlejuice 2 may finally be coming and we also look at The Wind Throught the Keyhole as Stephen King goes back to the Dark Tower.
Phew, I’m tired just writing that…








14 May08:00 Play


We caught up with the smoothest guy in the galaxy at Invasion Dublin III, yes, Lando Calrissian himself, Mr Billy Dee Williams.
We were lucky enough to compere the Invasion event – thanks to the Emerald Garrison and Media Team – for the three days and while it was great sharing the stage with Billy Dee every day, it was actually sitting down and getting the personal interview that really lifted FTN spirits all the way to Cloud City.

10 May104:01 Play


Well this week it’s all change at the FTN studios as poor Marc is in the spooky old station all on his own. Sniff.
But, never fear because, thanks to the miracle of modern technology, the show is rammed full of guests from all over the place.
From The Monday Movie Show we have special guests Andy and Stuart, as the show goes on FTN regulars (comic guru) Jay, (FTN co-founder) Bash and (FTN writer and journalist) Paddy Ryan all chip in.
But what are we all talking about? Well, it’s mostly about Joss Whedon this week with The Avengers and Cabin In The Woods both on general release, surely this is enough to firmly cement him as a Hollywood god!?
We also chat about the new Dark Knight Rises and Prometheus trailers and we chat about Star Wars as we were preparing for Invasion: Dublin III and meeting Billy Dee Williams and James Arnold Taylor to name buT two.
We also talk about Dinosaurs taking LA and is Benedict Cumberbatch really playing THAT character in Star Trek II? Plus all the latest news, reviews and interviews from planet Nerd; it’s just that kind of show.
Tune in, chill out and remember… you nerd it here first.

19 Apr103:11 Play


This week Marc and Jay are honoured to have IDW Comics’ Editor-in-chief Chris Ryall on the show. He talks about why we can’t get The Real Ghostbusters title in the UK, what the plansare for their take on Judge Dredd, Doctor Who crossing over with Star Trek and loads of hits about what’s coming up.
We then get to chat with RB, one of the chaps who run the incredibly successful, the social media page for movie, TV and theatre preofessionals.
Throw in our usual piece from gaming guru Crowbar and all the usual Nerd-tastic news and reviews.
We love doing it, welove you guys and we love that you Nerd it here first…

13 Apr89:48 Play


Len Peralta is not only an amazing artist, the talent behind Geek A Week, Monster by Mail, 50 vs. 50, and the wonderful children’s illustrated book, ‘There’s a zombie in my treehouse’, but also a very nice and funny man too as Jay found out when he spoke to him.
Caution.. contains much mirth and jovial chat

12 Apr96:12 Play


This week Marc is joined in the studio by Jay Faulkner and Bash. Among the things covered is Simon Pegg’s meanness and fixation with Lego, the upcoming sequel to Twins, Triplets (no, really – Bash has an unhealthy fascination with this), we discover it’s quite ok to have a man crush on Timothy Dalton and that his Bond is a ‘grower’.
We chat to Stuart from The Monday Movie Show podcast about movies and why we’re all so hopeflessly addicted.
Marc has a rant about Keith Lemon: The Film and why it has destroyed his confidence in Nerds, Uncle George’s Red Tails gets a UK release and we convince you why you have to see it. Staying in history, we chat about the iceberg that sank the Titanic – it was built in Belfast, y’know – and we get into remakes and classic movies Highlander, The Mummy and we even try to decipher the ending of Tim Burton’s Planet of the Apes. And we talk about the best trailer of 2012 so far: Seth McFarlane’s Ted.
And that’s all just in the first hour.
So join in and Nerd out!

05 Apr119:24 Play


Join me, Marc, with Big Phil and Jay as we wade through all the latest news from around the Nerdsphere. Heavy concentration on comics this week and all the usual banter and madness. We are also joined by Crowbar, ost of our sister podcast Following Freeman, who is talking games news. You know it’s Thursday when things start to get seriously nerdy.
So sit back, relax and enjoy…

31 Mar56:01 Play


Our man Big Phil catches up the legendary Dirk Benedict, the man who played Face in the A-Team original series and Starbuck in the original Battlestar Galactica. Most recently he appeared in Belfast as Columbo. Phil gets into all the details, so sit back, relax and turn the volume up as we chat to a real legend….

29 Mar105:10 Play


Join host Marc and co-hosts Bash and Phil for another thrilling episode of the FTN Podcast.
On this week’s show we have a guest-a-rama.
First up, we speak with Oliver Harper who is finding success online as a retro movie reviewer who dedicates his time to reviewing and giving precious information to movies that are unlikely classics and that have been neglected by the studioes – he also just happens to be our Tuesday night entertainment at
Next up, Crowbar chips in and talks all the latest video game news, including plans to put ‘health warning’ labels on games, much the same as they do with cigarettes and towards the end of the show we chat to Martin Campbell, organiser of the 2D Comics Festival in Derry/Londonderry, N Ireland, about his influences and just what we can expect from the festival this June.
That all not enough? Well, we also talk about all the latest news from planet Nerd and get rather opinionated about, well, everything. So tune in and chill out and remember, you Nerd it here first…

22 Mar99:56 Play


Another packed show!
It all goes a bit nuts this episode as Bash leaves halfway through and Big Phil takes over, and we all know what happens then…
We talk about everything this week, with a special interest in the appearance of Billy ‘Lando Calrissian’ Dee Williams at Invasion Dublin this May… we do get excited, I won’t lie.
Throw on top of all that our usual look at all the news and reviews of everything exciting in the nerdy world.
Remember… you Nerd it here first!

15 Mar114:24 Play


This week we speak to Chris McGuicken who organises the Lazy Sunday movie events in Belfast each month and talk to him about the events and the wealth of movies that we want to see in an auditorium with fans.
We talk about all the latest news including Star Trek 2 and Cloverfield as Paddy & Phil get a little flustered and we discuss what a loss the great Ralph McQuarrie is to movies, fans and artists alike, and we talk, yes, some Star Wars…

08 Mar115:28 Play


On this week’s show Paddy & Bash join host Marc to get into the nitty-gritty of nerdy goodness.
First up we have Irish comics writer and guru Jay Faulkner who talks about the comic book scene in Ireland and just why we should expect to be world leaders in the very near future.
We talk about Simon Pegg’s return to the Star Wars fold as Dengar in The Clone Wars, plus the upcoming release of the Indiana Jones saga on Blu-ray.
We get a little sad chatting about the news that, to all intents and purposes, Ghostbusters III looks dead in the water.
The Avengers trailer and poster release gets us all fired up about Marvel Movies, what makes a good movie poster and was Bond the most iconic poster franchise?
And Bash manages to offend all our female comic book fan listeners. Not really, but it’s fun to wind him up.
So tune in and get in touch with us… and remember, you Nerd it here first.

01 Mar121:11 Play


We’re joined in the studio this week by journalist and FTN contributer Paddy Ryan so expect all the usual banter as we talk comics, games, TV, movies and soooooo much more. It’s nerdy, it’s geeky but it’s a lot of fun. Get it listened to and remember to keep Following the Nerd.

28 Feb114:33 Play


We’re sorry for the delay, but here’s the first podcast we’ve had to pay for (thanks Spreaker lol), but you guys are TOTALLY worth it 😉
We talk the usual crazy movies, games, comics… and we do it in our own, inimitable way.
This… is Following the Nerd

09 Feb115:33 Play


With Bash off the radar this week we have uber-nerd Phil in the studio where we talk about the new Star Wars: Underworld rumours, robocop remake, Lord of the Rings Lego and we defend some movies that are widely regarded as lost cause, but we kinda love and that’s but the tip of the iceberg…

We also speak to the writer and producer of Northern Ireland’s latest movie, vampire thriller, The Boys From County Hell… and we promise, there’s no sparkly vampires featured in this gruesome adventure.

So listen, laugh and learn as we take you through the latest of what’s great in the nerd world.

01 Feb117:11 Play


The week we talk to Claire who runs and get all nostalgic over our childhood… tv, cartoons the lot. We also talk Spielberg’s Moses movie, the long awaited Nazis on the Moon drama Iron Sky and that’s only the first hour… caution, contains nuts

25 Jan106:47 Play


The big news this episode is that George Lucas plans to retire… or does he? We look at the legacy he leaves behind and what’s coming next for him. Also, we talk about James Bond. Alot… enjoy, comment and subscribe guys 🙂

18 Jan94:22 Play


Big news this week! The Star Wars live action TV series has finally got a working title… Underworld and we talk about it, a lot. but we get into a lot of other great stuff too… if you like it nerdy, you’ll like it right here. Enjoy…

15 Jan89:39 Play


Well here’s the second part of our bumper review of 2011… we talk games, movies, TV, comics, toys and everything geeky. Of particular interest to fans of Batman, The Hobbit, Star Wars and The Avengers. We also take a look at what we’re looking forward to in 2012. Caution: may contain nuts..

15 Jan123:39 Play


Well here’s the first part of our bumper review of 2011… we talk games, movies, TV, comics, toys and everything geeky. Of particular interest to fans of Batman, The Hobbit, Star Wars and The Avengers. We also take a look at what we’re looking forward to in 2012. Caution: may contain nuts…

08 Jan19:29 Play


Well, 2011 is behind us and we set our gaming guru Crowbar loose on it! He’s taking a look at the last 12 months and looking at the highs and lows… so download it and listen in. We’re sure you’ll have an opinion on it by the end XD

04 Jan104:59 Play


Well, here it is, our final show of 2011… a little late to be honest, but in fairness there was a lot of drink consumed and it’s hard to edit in that sort of state… if nothing else we hope it keeps you feeling festive for a wee while long. Until next week, you nerd it here first

01 Dec20:16 Play


We’ve be away – and very slack – for a while, but dammit! that all changes right now. Here’s an interview with youTube legends Underbelly (, who recently caught up with our man Phil to talk gaming, TV, movies and everything inbetween. Enjoy.

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At the start of September 2011, Philip Glenister AKA Gene Hunt from the hit series Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes, met a select group of journalists at BBC in London to shat about his new series, Hidden.
Our man, Dicky C, was one of the select few… and he got in there with all the best stuff. Will Gene Hunt return? Would Glenister like to play the Doctor and what role would he love to play? Listen and enjoy…

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With TitanCon and Invasion descending on NI we were asked to come into the BBC’s Broadcasting House in Belfast, to talk with Saturday Magazine’s John Toal about why Nerds are now cool and what it means to be a Nerd, to defend our honour and to be a champion of Nerds. I was with Arkham Gaming’s Ivor Whitten and we kinda rocked!