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Blood of the Zombies: Thirty years on and they are still Slaying

August 29th, 2012 by Chris Comments

A few months ago we were excited to report that Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks were producing a thirty year anniversary book called ‘Blood
of the Zombies’. Well it was released earlier this month, sold out its first print run incredibly quickly and has been received with high praise.

So what is it really like? In a nut shell, Absolutely awesome. The book is a tough challenge. So tough that in its second print run, Ian Livingstone has let all the fans know through Twitter, Facebook etc that the starting stamina has been raised from 2d6 +12 to 2d6 +20. The Zombies kept winning! Also you can raise your stamina past its initial starting value by using Med Kits, though to be honest, this really would never happen later on in the adventure. So with this new injection of survivability, I replayed the game book and barely scraped through, only to find out at the end that a couple of decisions along the way did not help me avert the Zombie Apocolypse! So back to page one we went! I have played through the book four times now and thoroughly enjoyed every episode. I have managed to finish it and save the world but now I want more… back to my classic collection I go.

Blood of the Zombies is classic Fighting Fantasy, just as good as any of the original series that started in 1982. In fact, it was the official 30 year anniversary on the 27th August of The Warlock of Firetop Mountain hitting the shelves for the first time.

The combat mechanic is slick and effective, brutal almost; you can find a massive amount of items along the way, a lot of them red herrings, others absolutely vital to the adventure so choose wisely. Weapons range from your bare hands and crowbars, to shot guns, sub machine guns and even a .30 Cal Browning machine gun for when you really need to get messy. Grenades are a must along with various keys, codes and Health Boosts along the way. There are a lot of covert references in the game, such as a Birthday Card found in a desk that reads ‘Happy 30th Birthday Zagor’ (the Warlock from Firetop Mountain) to other interests the author has….can you spot them all?

I thoroughly enjoyed Blood of the Zombies, and I am hoping that this will be the first of many new Game Books. It takes you right back to the first book you ever played and keeps you playing. Mapping out the book as you go brings back fond memories of playing these games over twenty five years ago and long may it continue.

Give it a go; if you like the current surge of survival games and Zombie escapades then this is a must. If you like your classic gaming then this is a must. Have any of our readers already tried it? Have they beaten the Zombie Hordes or have they become one of the undead masses…….let us know in the usual way. Let your skill, stamina and luck never fail you!

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Chris, known as the ‘Reverend’ to colleagues and friends, was born a Nerd and just grew bigger. He spent most of his informative years in a wheelchair so the natural thing to do was to roll dice! He has been a UK equivalent to a Bounty Hunter working in enforcement, he has never blown up a Space Station but he actually does have bionic feet….it all started with Star Wars and Retro computer games and then it just got silly.