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Carry On Casing, A look at Feldherr’s Mini Plus Case.

June 21st, 2012 by Mad Dave 3 Comments

As a 28mm scale gamer I’ve seen a wide selection of cases and usually the bigger the better, but what about the smaller cases?

Today I take a look at Feldherr’s Mini Plus case and see how it holds up.

Firstly here’s what Feldherr say about the case:

The Feldherr MINI PLUS bag is in our product line between MINI and MEDIUM bag placed. It builds on the base bag on the MINI and of course also has the same excellent protective properties. With a height of about 145 mm inside and an extra flap external handles it as a separate product solution can be used. There is also the opportunity to captain them in the BACKPACK to carry and as extra protection for particularly large individual miniatures, vehicles or dioramas to use.

Case in Point.

I was surprised just how well the case is put together and the quality is top notch.

The case is constructed from a black canvas type material which is described as “extremely strainable”

The depth of the bag is around 14cm with a width of almost 30cm.

There is a net pocket inside for carrying dice, templates and even small rule books.

The Interior is lined with a high quality printed material reinforced with padding for that extra bit of protection.


I chose to use the raster foam also called pluck foam in the case, two half size foam trays, one 60mm and one 30mm depth approximately but they are available in a wide selection of sizes.


I have just recently started collection and playing Warmachine and thought this small case ideal for my skirmish force.

As you can see I have 3 Jacks in the lower section of foam with room for other models either more Jacks or troops.

In the upper section of foam I have a Warcaster, a Solo and a unit of Shock Troopers, again leaving room for some additional models.

The Good.

The Quality of both the bag and foam is typically German, nothing but the best.

The empty case is £16 euro or with a selection of different tray options at £25 euro.

It just looks awesome.

The Bad.

At the current size its limited to what it can be used for but ideal for 10mm scale armies.

Nope, nothing more to say.

The Ugly.

Your kidding right? Have you seen this bag.


Ok so I was reviewing a smaller carry case than I’m used to but still I found a use even for 28mm scale miniatures.

My skirmish force may quickly out grow the case but I would still recommend it for small mini count games or games of the 10mm scale.

The bag itself wont cost you an are and a leg and with a wide selection of foam to choose from on the site your sure to find something to suit your needs and hopefully keep those mini arms and legs safe.


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