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Gears of War on the Tabletop

June 14th, 2012 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

One of the best offerings to come out the design studios at Fantasy Flight Games is Gears of War, the adaptation of the critically acclaimed Epic title on the X Box.

The game actually follows the missions mirrored in the digital version but it is the mechanic of the game that makes Gears of War easy to pick up and play. It has been designed by Corey Konieczka (the guy behind FFG’s Battlestar Galactica and Descent) and is a challenge at all levels of the game.
It follows the COGS fight back against the Invading Locusts, represented by over thirty high quality miniatures, through a card based mechanic that enables you to perform actions and measure levels of player’s health. All players work cooperatively against an AI controlled LOCUST force. The game does work as a one player but is optimised with 3-4 players working as a team. As the amount of players increase the level of aliens increase and their card based AI becomes more aggressive. The Locust include all the well known enemies from the computer game, from the living bombs called the ‘Ticker’, the tactically savvy ranged specialist called the ‘Boomer’ up to the near indestructible ‘Bezerker’

The game looks superb; it is priced well for a Fantasy Flight specialist game and is incredibly addictive to play. We have found in our gaming club that we will keep going to complete a tricky mission by any means possible. Its mission system means you can jump back and forward if you want to but it has a strong narrative story if played in the correct order. FFG have just announced its first expansion mission pack one, looking to expand on the games playability and adding more enemies and challenges to this well established game. Have you guys and girls played it? What do you think? I am useless at the console version but seem to be getting the hang of this one!

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