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Mantic’s Clash of Kings tournament could be a serious affair!

July 15th, 2012 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Now I am a massive Mantic fan. All my gaming buddies know this but what happens when you try and professionalise a hobby? Okay well that might be a little heavy handed, but I am very interested in what the effect is going to be after Mantic hold its Clash of Kings tournament next year.

The new rulebook is out and it is very good. The new army lists are finalised, the tournament rules have been fine tuned and the prizes have been announced. And that is where the game changes. This tournament has substantial cash prizes. First place is a £1000.00, second prize is £350.00 and third place is £150.00. (There are also dollar equivalents for the American competitions)
Now, some tournaments are quite highly strung affairs as it is. This isn’t a bad thing as it is a competitive environment, but if you are putting up a big lump of cash, and the game in question does carry a lot of luck over the tournament rounds, then it is going to take substantial restraint to keep this tournament as friendly as others that have gone before it.
The natural competitive edge is going to kick in due to the nature of the prizes and with so much of the winning hanging by Lady Lucks’ fickle threads, winning or losing big just got a little bit more serious. I am sure none of us can imagine what it would be like to win or lose a lump of money on one roll of the dice. That elusive last shot, or saving throw, or leadership test that tips the balance in the last turn of the last game. All of us tournament players know this can and does happen. It stings at the best of times, it going to hurt massively if it now financially costs us. Everyone loves bragging rights, but it seems next year they have been gold stamped at Clash of Kings. Enough on the big prize issue….

Here is the tournament pack

It is good to see the encouragement of using Mantic’s own range but there a few big hitting units like the Undead Werewolves or the Dwarf Bezerker Brock Riders that have been made possible through their highly successful kickstarter, that MIGHT not be with the gamers at the time of the tournament. (I say might, not definite either way)
So, I have got my ticket……I am working through my army ideas after settling on Dwarves, I will be play testing the army to the extreme to make sure it works and is balanced at my local club and I will obviously give a fully loaded review after the two day event for all our wargaming followers. Are any of you guys and girls going? What do you think of going ‘big’ with the prize money for something that is essentially a friendly, usually mildly competitive pastime? I think it could change the dynamic of the tournament scene for the better as long as it is managed fairly and consistently. Time will only tell!


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