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Rolling Dice for Charity… Ross on Wye Gaming Club, Dice and Decks hold Charity Event ‘Fly another Day!’

July 13th, 2012 by Chris Comments

On Saturday 14th July, there is a charity wargaming event hosted by Dice and Decks Wargaming club and I managed to talk to Rob Davies from the club about the event.

1) What is the event and who is it in aid of?
This is building on last years “Live and Let Fly” event and this year we’re aiming for more of a convention type feel. There’s a Warmachine tournament, a Magic the Gathering sealed deck tournament, a charity auction and quite a few demo tables.
We are raising money for the Midlands Air Ambulance charity and MacMillan Nurses. Two great causes whose work has made a huge impact on the lives of some of our club members and their families.

2) Who is going to be there?
Running demos we have Mantic Games (Kings of War and Project Pandora), Casket Games running Amaranthine War: Heavens Fall and Square Orange games running Bushido, Infinity and Secrets of the 3rd Reich.

3) Who has organised the charity event?
Dice and Decks Gaming Club based in Ross-on-Wye

4) Where is it? And how much does it cost?
It’s at Ross-on-Wye Scout HQ (postcode HR9 7DB ). General admission is £5 for the day. There are still places in the Magic Tournament at £20.

5) How is this one going to be bigger and better than last year?
We’re going for more of a ‘convention’ feel, so demo games and companies selling their wares on top of the tournaments. We’ve got some awesome prizes and auction lots too.

6) What events and competitions are being run?
Warmachine 35 point Steamroller tournament, Magic the Gathering M13 release event, lots of demos and the charity auction.

7) Is there anything else you would like to say about the event?
I must thank our sponsors for the amazing level of support they’ve offered us. I hope people will come along, try some new games, meet some new people and have fun.

8) Any advice for people who are thinking of attending the event? i.e. refreshments? Do they need to bring any armies or MTG decks etc
We are selling some refreshments although it’s only 5 minutes to the town centre. Magic players bring a deck as there’s likely time and space for some casual play.

So, any gamers in that area going to this worthy event? I will be there so I can let all of our followers know how it went, check out Dice and Decks website for the events details and I hope to see some of you there!

May you always roll ‘6’s…….

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Chris, known as the ‘Reverend’ to colleagues and friends, was born a Nerd and just grew bigger. He spent most of his informative years in a wheelchair so the natural thing to do was to roll dice! He has been a UK equivalent to a Bounty Hunter working in enforcement, he has never blown up a Space Station but he actually does have bionic feet….it all started with Star Wars and Retro computer games and then it just got silly.