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November 14th, 2012 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

In this episode of Nerd Herders, Damian Dragon & Foxy Foxxy host a special hour and half episode as they cover the weekly nerd news regarding the confirmation of Mark Wahlberg in Transformers 4, the “rumored” Transformers 4 movie logo, and the rumors of Disney buying/looking to buy toy company Hasbro.

This episode of Nerd Herders also features their first on-air guest. This guest is the writer & creator of the comic book ‘The Protector’ in association with Hound Comics; he was featured on the special TV airing of ‘Comic Store Heroes’ which was based on NYC’s Midtown Comics; writer/director/actor of Blinky Productions which makes short films based on comic book characters, horror movie characters, as well as his own original written pieces which have won multiple awards: Hollywood’s Best Kept SECRET, Chris R. Notarile!

His work can be found at or

They asked Chris R. Notarile their own questions, took live call-in questions from fans as well as fan questions from Twitter & the Nerd Herders Event page on Facebook. Also, while there was not a Fan Question of the Night for fans, all the previous Nerd Herders ‘Fan Questions of the Night’ from Episode #1 to Episode #7 were asked to Notarile.

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