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November 7th, 2012 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Nerd Herders Radio Episode 7

On this Lucky #7 episode of Nerd Herders, hosts Damian Dragon and Foxy Foxxy are joined by honorary Nerd Herder Michael Sangregorio (improv comedian, actor and voice actor. All three of them discuss their personal pros, cons and concerns regarding Disney buying Lucas Arts, as well as Michael giving his professional assessment of the situation being a former employee of Disney. Also, in ode to the US Presidential Elections, Damian, Foxy and Michael have their own ‘Superhero Debates’ featuring the four top names within the Marvel & DC Universe: Who is the better DCU superhero, Batman or Superman? Whose side are you on after Marvel’s Civil War Superhero Registration Act, Captain America or Iron Man? Who is the better billionaire playboy vigilante, Batman or Iron Man? Who would make for a better president, Superman or Captain America?

Fan Question of the Night: Make up your own Disney/Marvel/Lucas Arts movie MASH-UP title!

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