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THE FTN BLOG (20/05/13)

May 20th, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

What’s in a name? Did you know Owen means young warrior? And yes, I found that out after I put together the Time Warriors. And names are on everyone’s mind this week after the season finale of Doctor Who, the Name of the Doctor. Did you really think you were going to find that out? Really? Come on, get real, it was never going to happen, not now, not twenty five years ago. Yes, some of us have walked this path before.

Doctor, the word for healer and wise man, and yet what will that come to mean if he continued to go down the path of making a spectacle of his enemies. Blowing the 12th Cyber legion to pieces just to send a message never cost him a thought, yet a dinosaur murdered made him weep. Well, it seems that’s exactly what we’re going to find out with the shock reveal of John Hurt as the Doctor! And no, John Hurt is not the name of the Doctor as some have said on the net; it’s the actor’s name! Hello? Alien chestburster guaranteed to spoil your dinner, the Elephant Man (I am a man, not an animal!) and the voice of the dragon in Merlin amongst others. Ring any bells?

It seems he is the Doctor but one that doesn’t deserve the name because of what he did in the name of peace. Oh, I’m intrigued and theorising for sure. What did he do that was so different to blowing up Skaro or murdering Solomon in Dinosaurs on a Spaceship? The Doctor is soaked in the blood of billions so what does Doctor actually mean? We’ve met his evil self in the form of the Valeyard in the Trial of the Time Lord who was created from the dark part of his mind somewhere between his twelfth and final incarnation. So we are now at the point where we can see what sparked that evil and allowed to Time Lords to create him and we all know he is still out there somewhere. I doubt he fought in the Time War. The Doctor has been known as the Oncoming Storm and will be the Beast, the Storm and even Merlin, and a ginger one at that.

He chose the title of Doctor just as the Master chose his. The Doctor, the man who makes things better and yet leaves devastation in his wake.

“Doctor Who? It’s more than just a secret isn’t it?” asked Madame Pompadour to the tenth Time Lord. It’s a cover for something else, something that he can never speak because silence will fall. Is there that much power in a name. Ask Rumpelstiltskin, he made a fortune out of it, as did Superman’s enemy; Mr Myxzptlk. Those are two christenings I would have loved to have been at. Someone was at the altar wine that day. River Song is Melody Pond because there is no word in the Gamma Forests for pond. Clara was, well, just Clara, the Impossible Girl born at Trenzalore. The Cyber Controller became a Cyber Planner in Nightmare in Silver. The Silence became the Silents which became a religion not a species. What? What? I’m confused guys! Even Rory Williams became Rory Pond but don’t we all? If you’re married you know what I mean or in a controlling relationship.

But as they say, “Run!”. What happened to the good old days when you stuck with the name you were given? When did they become hats you could change depending on circumstance? Sci-Fi became SyFy and skint people became fiscally challenged; bald people became follically challenged. As someone once said, a spade is sometimes just a spade. Why this obsession with changing names? Marathon chocolate bars became Snickers and sweetie cigarettes in boxes adorned with Superman and Spider-man became candy sticks. Actually, that was probably the one case where name change was necessary.

So Doctor Who? has just become something more than we ever thought it would be. It’s a moral, it’s a standard… but it’s giving me a bloody headache. Ah for the simpler days of Adric or Sarah Jane or K9 but even he became the shooty robot thing. That’s it, I’m done.

This is Buck Rogers signing off. Nanu, nanu! Bloody hell, here we go again……

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