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The Ultimates Are Back in Action in ULTIMATE COMICS ULTIMATES #14!

July 28th, 2012 by Marc Comments

The Ultimates are pretty well, bad-ass

Hurt Locker star to join Captain America: Winter Soldier?

July 18th, 2012 by Christopher Williams Comments

Is The Falcon set to join The Avengers in the second Captain America movie… looks like it

The Avengers Assembled Blu-ray set is kinda beautiful

July 18th, 2012 by Owen Quinn Comments

How much do you love The Avengers? Us too. Your wallet will be stretched this September…

The Captain America Rescue Version Hot Toys SDCC exclusive is a thing of beauty…

July 5th, 2012 by Marc Comments

Sideshow Collectibles and Hot Toys are proud to present the Captain America Rescue Version Sixth Scale Collectible figure from Captain America – The First Avenger. The movie-accurate collectible is specially crafted based on the image of Chris Evans as Steve Rogers in the movie, highlighting the newly developed head sculpt, highly detailed costume, weapon and […]

Marvel’s This is War! Makes a little more sense with new picture…

June 29th, 2012 by Marc Comments

Is this the final image in Marvel’s campaign?

Marvel declare This Is War! – Captain America

June 26th, 2012 by Marc Comments

Marvel’s second teaser inmage from this October’s event This Is War is revealed…

FTN rounds up the SDCC toy exclusives for 2012 (PT1)

June 14th, 2012 by Paul Allen Comments

San Diego Comic Con is the hot ticket when it comes to new and exclusive toys. Paul checks out the list of exclusives coming out at this year’s con. So many great things it has to be done in two parts! Part 2 next week…

Captain America 2 to be directed by… who?!

June 8th, 2012 by Marc 1 Comment

In what has to be the weirest news of the day, it seems that Marvel are on the verge of a very odd choice to helm the Captain America sequel

Marvel at Earth’s Mightiest Heroes

June 7th, 2012 by bash Comments

A first look at fan favorite artist Adi Granov’s variant cover to Captain Marvel

IMDB reveals possible plot points of Avengers 2?

May 12th, 2012 by Marc 1 Comment

Well, after the (not) shocking news that Avengers 2 has been greenlit, it seems that the IMDB may be privy to some interesting revelations about what we’ve seen in Avengers but may not know…

FTN reviews Marvel Select’s Captain America: The First Avenger figure (video)

April 28th, 2012 by Saxon Comments

  With all us Nerds getting excited about The Avengers – you may have heard there’s a movie out? – our man Stephen or Vote Saxon 07 as you know him better, checks out the highly detailed Marvel Select Captain America: The first Avenger action figure. But how does it hold up? Is it The […]

FTN reviews The Avengers

April 25th, 2012 by Marc Comments

It’s arguably the most anticipated Super hero movie ever. It has a lot riding on its shoulders. In Joss we trusted, but were we right to do it? Well, let’s just say Spider-man and Batman should be worried…

Marvel’s ULTIMATE COMICS: ‘Divided We Fall’

April 17th, 2012 by Jay Comments

After a hiatus following “The Death of Spider-Man,” Ultimate Captain America is back … but for how long?

Your First Look At CAPTAIN AMERICA #10 by Brubaker & Davis

March 29th, 2012 by Marc Comments

Ed Brubaker and Alan Davis bring us their take on America’s greatest hereo, and it looks AWESOME!

FTN gets exclusive preview of Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes Season 2 trailer (video)

March 22nd, 2012 by Marc Comments

Thanks to Marvel for giving us this exclusive trailer for the second season of the superb Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes series. Click to watch… and enjoy

Avengers Assemble! UK character posters released, plus new footage in Japanese trailer…

March 19th, 2012 by Marc Comments

Here’s the UK character posters for Avengers Assemble and, despite the silly name change, they still kick ass! Plus a look at the previously released Japanese trailer that includes new revealing shots…

Avengers sequel could be ‘more personal’

March 9th, 2012 by bash Comments

Joss Whedon (left) says second film should not be a rehash of a successful first movie

‘Captain America provides focus for The Avengers’ says Whedon

January 13th, 2012 by bash Comments

Joss Whedon says his much anticipated superhero movie is about people who are alone…

The Avengers has another villain?

January 4th, 2012 by Paddy Comments

With everything being kept hush hush on Joss Whedon’s Avengers set, the toy lines are starting to get spotted and there are a few suprises in them…