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TOY REVIEW: FTN reviews ‘The Dark Knight Returns’ Batman from Mattel’s Batman Unlimited line

June 18th, 2013 by Brian Fanning Comments

We’re glad to welcome our latest new writer, Mr Brian Fanning to the FTN ranks… make him feel at home, folks

This figure is from the Batman Unlimited run from the Mattel 6” line. This was my first purchase of a figure from the DC Unlimited figures. I picked him up in a comic shop while I was away on holidays for €21.99. This is based on Frank Millers Dark Knights Return’s graphic novel series. With this Batman Unlimited line, they are releasing multiples different versions of Batman, his allies and the many costumes that he has worn throughout the years.

The figure captures the look from the book and also the look from the cartoon. He is a lot bigger in the chest then regualr Batman incarnations, as designed by Frank Miller in the iconic book, plus he has a permanent grimace on his face. It’s a very simple set of colours on the figure; grey, black and some yellow. He comes with 12 points of articulation, the standard joint system on most Mattel figures and all of the joints are tight enough that they can hold their pose quite well.

However, a problem occurs when you try to pose the figure because the cape is one solid piece, so you don’t get any movement and also you can’t get him to sit properly.

The figure is beautifully moulded and well detailed on the muscles, cape and his belt. I love the look on his face – hardened and angry in his old age, just like in the comic book. A lot of the Mattel figures come with accessories, this Batman comes with a Batarang. With the size of the figure however, the accessory looks totally out of place. It fits comfortably in either hand but it really is tiny. It is made of a plastic and when I took it out of its packaging it was slightly warped. Disappointing.

If you are a Batman fan I would recommend that you pick this figure up. The costume also reminds me of the one he wore in Batman: The Animated Series. Whenever I think of Batman it is always the animated series Batman that comes to my mind.

So far out of this line of Mattel figures this one stands out the most, it is by far my favourite. The rest of the range unfortunately doesn’t appeal to me but it is still a solid line of action figures.

All in all it is a worthwhile purchase and I look forward to seeing what the line holds for the future.

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Brian "Warpspeed" Fanning is a Geek by day, geek by night. I live in my Batcave of sorts with my Whedon-loving wife Christine and sidekick Colm. When I'm not spending my time geeking out or fighting imaginary crime I'm sifting through my various toy, comic and movie collections looking for a review. My first dive into Geekdom was wearing a superman onesy when I was a baby, yeah I started that early and I've been hooked ever since. Anyways I'm rambling on so why not take a look at my stuff and see what you think. twitter: @talkabout5