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FTN’s Toy Reviewer Celebrates 2000 Subscribers (Video)

June 24th, 2012 by Saxon 1 Comment

Cybermen with emotional problems, a Terminator parody and Time-Travel?  Yep, it’s another one of Votesaxon07’s subscriber videos! 

Ever since joining the team at Following The Nerd last year, the popularity of my Youtube toy reviews has skyrocketed, with more and more people subscribing to me than I ever thought possible.  And as a result, I have now reached an unbelieveable milestone – 2000 subscribers!  I would like to take this oppertunity to extend my gratitude not just to all of the guys at FTN but to all of you who have subscribed to me and watch my videos.

To celebrate this, I’ve put together a little comedy video to show my appreciation.  Sure, it’s half an hour long and took over a month to film and edit, but it’s a little video nonetheless.  If anything, this has made me more determined than ever to continuously provide you all with high-quality, in-depth and most of all entertaining video reviews.

Thank you all once again, I hope you enjoy my 2000 Subscribers Video – The Timey-Wimey Typewriter TARDIS Trip of Terror!

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Stephen, or by a strange twist of fate, 'Saxon' as he has now become known as, is FTN's resident toy reviewer. He has been described by many as a 'Professional Layabout' with his hobbies consisting of Beer and Curries. Known for his dry humour and brutal honesty, his video's make for great entertainment. However, he is just a mere figment of your imagination and for all intents and purposes does not exist... Find his videos online at