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It’s part 2 of Paul’s list of hot exclusives at this year’s SDCC

June 25th, 2012 by Paul Allen Comments

Mattel’s SDCC offerings include toys from Batman, Masters of the Universe, Ghostbusters and… wait for it… Polly Pocket?

With the third of Chistopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy set to hit the big screen in less than a month’s time, attendees at this year’s SDCC will have the opportunity to purchase this nicely packaged Movie Masters: Bruce Wayne to Batman set. (continues after picture)

The gate-fold packaging shows the exterior of Wayne Manor at night, complete with Batsignal lighting up the sky. This opens up to reveal Bruce Wayne clad in a black under-suit, standing in a corridor on one side with a piano on the other.

Press the piano and a few notes play – this side can then be opened up to reveal the Batcave, complete with the sounds of bats screeching! Inside the Batcave you will find a Batsuit to dress The Dark Knight and an array of weapons.

Masters of the Universe Classics are hugely popular. Distributed through Matty Collector, they are also quite expensive – an average 6″ figure will set you back £30.00. (continues after picture)

This Vykron action figure comes in his barbarian outfit with alternative spaceman and military warrior outfits also included in the set. Already pre-sold out for the event, expect to see this appear on the secondary markets for a lot more than the $30 it is being sold for during the four day event.

Last year’s Ghostbusters offering was the amazing 20″ tall Stay Puft marshmallow man which came in a wonderful display package that opened out to form a street scene of New York. (continues after picture)

This year’s is to be one of the last Mattel Ghostbuster figures – a Dana Barrett, as possessed by Zuul, action figure. The figure features alternate legs so she can be posed in a sitting or standing position. Again this has already pre-sold out for the event!

If you are not familiar with the works of Neil Gaiman, chances are this next offering will mean little to you. But for those that are avid fans of his Sandman series, here is Death, the sister of Dream. (continues after picture)

Mattel are to launch a new product line of 8″ DCU statues and this is their first offering, which comes with this cool skull shaped base. (continues after picture)

Ok so we don’t know a great deal about Polly Pockets here at Order66ToyStore, honest!

But these cute little 3¾” tall figures feature Polly, Lila and Lea dressed as DC’s Catwoman, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn look awesome! (continues after picture)

Tiny Titans was a comic book series published by DC Comics based on the Cartoon Network animated series Teen Titans. Set in Sidekick City Elementary this Superhero Team consists of Starfire, Robin, Raven, Beast Boy and Cyborg.

These 1.5″ vinyl figures come in a school bus style packaging and will cost $20.00 during the four day show.

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