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Votesaxon07 reviews The Doctor Who Ganger Eleventh Doctor Figure

July 7th, 2012 by Saxon Comments

“The Rebel Flesh” and “The Almost People” may have not been the most well-received episodes from the sixth series of Doctor Who, but they did provide fans with a few unique ideas…

Ideas such as The Flesh – essentially a big pile of goo which could be molded into the exact form of a human and then piloted using that human’s consciousness like a slimy less-blue Avatar.  But what happens when the flesh Avatar gains the exact memories and feelings of its host?  What happens when it gains life?  Can it then, truly be considered an individual life form with its own consciousness?  And the most intriguing question of all (which takes up the majority of The Almost People), if the same thing happens to The Doctor, can this flesh thing which sports a bow tie and wields a sonic screwdriver really be considered as the 907 year old time lord hero?

It’s an interesting thought, especially when you consider that in one moment he’s making plans and giving speeches like the actual Doctor, but in the next breath could be losing control and attacking his companions while wailing like a lunatic.  Unfortunately, while this story has great intentions and had the potential to be one of the darkest storylines in Doctor Who history, its execution and pace fall short of the mark, giving the viewer less action, less emotion and above all, less fun.

But, from the ashes of these disappointing episodes we can take away a few still burning embers, such as the Ganger Doctor.  An idea truly in tone with what works when it comes to scaring the living daylights out of its younger viewers – taking something so ordinary, so safe, and warping it into an horrific nightmare-ish version of itself.  And there is nothing more familiar in the world of Who than the Doctor himself.  Bravo, Matthew Graham – I tip my hat to you.  And as a result we have received from Character Options an excellent re-creation of the Ganger Doctor. With its milky skin and lack of facial features, it is the perfect representation of the few things about The Rebel Flesh and The Almost People which was actually, you know, good…

Check out the video review of the Ganger Eleventh Doctor figure below, after hearing what I have to say, will you deem it worthy of a place on your collector’s shelf?


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