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WATCH : Victory of the Daleks Collectors Set Review

September 27th, 2012 by Saxon Comments

Saxon finally got his hands on the SDCC 2012 Underground Toys exclusive Victory of the Daleks collectors set – but is it worthy of a place on any self-respecting Doctor Who fans display shelf?

Victory of the Daleks may not be an iconic fan favourite, what with introducing the ‘Teletubby’ New Paradigm Daleks, but it did offer a few excellent moments which this set wisely chooses to capitalise on.  Namely, the episodes setting – the cabinet war rooms of World War 2.  Yes it seems as though only the key elements which actually worked from the series 5 story have been included – a Dalek Ironside figure carrying a cup of tea (How British!), the internal design of the packaging resembles the underground war rooms, and of course the set includes a faithful plastic re-creation of Winston Churchill himself, as wonderfully portrayed by Ian McNeice.

The ‘Tea-Time’ Ironside may be a basic re-release of the figure we were given back in 2010, with the only difference being the inclusion of the tea tray on its sucker arm, but the image of one of the universes most hatred filled pepperpots carrying something as innocent as a cup of tea around is highly twisted and a great reminder that sometimes the Daleks can keep a lid on their anger and urge to destroy in order to play the long game.  And of course, what Doctor Who fan wouldn’t want a highly detailed Winston Churchill figure to adorn their shelves, complete with his interchangeable V for Victory finger salute?  Character Options and Underground Toys have made a very smart move here by focusing on the stronger points of this episode – so its safe to say that we wont be getting a Progenitor Set complete with all 5 technicolour New Paradigm Dalek figures and a Jammie-Dodger wielding re-creation of the Doctor any time soon…

The Victory of the Daleks Collectors Set is available now from Forbidden Planet for £26.99, but is it worth the price?  Find out in Saxons in-depth video review below!

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