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Doctor Who role cast? Meet the new Doctor. Maybe. Probably not.

June 9th, 2013 by Marc Comments

The Doctor Who saga continues… seriously, if this is to drum up publicity then the PR people need a raise!

We all were surprised last Saturday night to hear that Matt Smith has officially quit the show and will wrap up this coming Christmas – will he last to the Christmas episode or sign off in the special has still yet to be confirmed.

But there’s more drama. For a start, several sites – ourselves included – last week reported that we would get an official announcement as to Who (ahem) would get the most coveted part on TV from the BBC last night. Needless to say, it didn’t come.

Well, during the week there were many rumours and ‘confirmations’: Ben Daniels was all but confirmed, stories that John Hurt would stay on or that David Tennant was set to return ran wild but ,in the end, it all had to calm down. And calm down it did.

But who are the ‘front-runners’ for the role? Well, until today it was three actors:

1. Domhnall Gleeson: The son of Ireland’s favourite actor Brendan Gleeson, Domhall would be a great choice for several reasons; after Anna Karenhina, Harry Potter (Bill Weasley) and Dredd he has become an accomplished actor and a nerd favourite. Also, he’s ginger and the Doctor has always had a desire to be that and, well, he’s Irish and an Irish Doctor is long overdue.

2. Dominic Cooper: Tony Stark’s Dad as the Doctor?! Best known to us lot as Tony’s younger father in Captain America and as Abe Lincoln’s best friend in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Cooper has also starred in The Devil’s Double and is on the verge of stardom. Honestly, we always thought this was unlikely. He could certainly do it, but chances aren’t looking good.

3. Daniel Kaluuya: This young actor has been a favourite at FTN ever since Psychoville and this only continued with his stunning performance in Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror. The fact that he’s in Kick-Ass 2 and Welcome To The Punch only reinforces his credentials. We know some people think the Doctor cannot be a woman or a different race, but we here at FTN reckon all bets are off when it comes to this – a black Doctor is certainly possible and fine. That said, to me, this just isn’t a good fit. I can’t see Kaluuya in the role. But that’s only because I haven’t seen him play a role I can relate to the Doctor. I reckon it’s an outside shot to be honest.

Then, On Friday (June 7th, 2013) the companion to the Doctor right now, Jenna-Louise Coleman, chatted the Queen, yes THAT Queen, about time lords and time travel: and confirmed that Smith’s final scenes have yet to be filmed:  “I don’t even want to pick up that script just yet!”

The actress was also determined to keep mum about Who’s next:  “Everybody else in the building has asked me who the next Doctor is, and I can tell you honestly we don’t know. It’s going to be a long, long search. But yes, I’m being asked that question a lot.”

She said the filming of the regeneration will happen in the autumn. Her full video is available to watch here

Ok, so that’s us right up to the here and now – Sunday June 9th, 2013 – and with the lack of confirmation last night we’d assumed we were done with Who – for now.

However we might be wrong. Well, we should have known, really.

The speculation about the (never happened) announcement last night was that a newspaper had learned who the Doctor would be and the Beeb wanted to beat them to the punch, much like what happened last weekend when the news of Smith’s departure broke a t silly o’clock on Saturday night.

And lo, despite the non-announcement, a news paper – the Telegraph – HAS announced who the next Doctor may be. Mind you, this must be treated as rumour even if the actor’s name did pop up early last week.

Apparently the role has been offered to Rory Kinnear. Who? (never get tired of that).

According to Mandrake at the paper: “He has been offered the part and we are waiting to hear if he will accept,” says my man in the Tardis. “He is the perfect choice.”

The paper says of Kinnear: The 35-year-old alumnus of St Paul’s School, George Osborne’s alma mater, is the son of Roy Kinnear, the celebrated actor.

He played the MI6 officer Bill Tanner in Skyfall and Quantum of Solace, the James Bond films, and won acclaim for his stage performances in productions of Othello, Mary Stuart and Hamlet.

However, the actor was related to the role in April past and was very persuasive that he wasn’t involved: “I think I’m being used as a decoy on that front. It’s the first I’ve heard.”

So there you have it. Is this (below) the face of the next Doctor? Well, the way of these things is that we’ll not truly know for sure until we see him regenerated into at Christmas. But heck, it’s fun to speculate, isn’t it?


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