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EXCLUSIVE: ‘Boondock Saints TV series in the works’ writer/director Troy Duffy speaks to FTN

September 2nd, 2012 by Big Phil 12 Comments

Troy Duffy, Director of the cult classic The Boondock Saints,  was a guest on this week’s FTN Radio Show (podcast will be online here on Thursday) and he gave us this exclusive: ‘The Boondock Saints could be coming to a tv screen near you’.

Yes folks, that’s right, Troy Duffy confirmed, LIVE on Follow The Nerd that he is currently in negotiation to bring The Boondock Saints to television as a series. Oh, and just incase that wasn’t enough to get you excited, he gave us the folowing quote: “I wouldn’t rule out a Boondocks Saints Three being made at a future date”.

For me, personally as a fan, Marc will tell you I nearly fell out of my Captain’s Chair when he told us this news during the interview. What will the continuing adventures be about, who will he be bringing back? Well, if you’d like to find out more, tune in to our podcast this Thursday for the full interview.

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12 Responses

  1. egunzhardt says:

    Not sure if I’d like to watch the MacManus brothers if Reedus and Flanery are not in it.

  2. Shelby Mae says:

    Reedus & Flanery will not be starring??? D:

  3. teresa bray martin says:

    it won’t work without reedus & flanery.

  4. John Bradley says:

    That’s my attitude, Flanery and Reedus sort of are the characters. New actors would ruin the experience. Like Starbuck and Boomer being girls! Bring Dot Jones’ character back for BDS3!

  5. clare says:

    urgh what is the point of it if it doesn’t have sean and norm in it?

  6. Jen Flower says:

    Yessss – Re: Boondock Saints III statement! Norman Reedus & Sean Patrick Flannery have both said the same: Troy Duffy is most likely going to work on it “Hopefully before I forget that f’n prayer” <—lol Norman xoxo … A series without those two? Nahhhhh… Won't work without the original McManus Brothers- the movies are cult phenomenons, with a huge emphasis on Reedus' & Flanery's influences!!

  7. myself says:


  8. Rachael S. says:

    I cannot believe I missed that. WHY IS THURSDAY SO FAR AWAY!? *flips tables* The BDS twitter had asked a while back if people would rather a series OR a 3rd movie so when Sean and Norman began talking about it at cons – I never thought they’d make both!

    Oh gawd I’m so happy – although I’m not so sure how well it would work without Reedus and Flannery, is it confirmed they won’t be taking the parts for the series?

  9. amber says:

    if they dont have the original boys then theres no point in creating!!!! So Make sure they are in it!!! but i would love to see the third installment i love the first two

  10. Beth says:

    The earlier interviews stated that Flannery and Reedus will “drop everything” in order to be in this show and the possible movie

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