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First episode of Doctor Who Season Seven gets a name…

July 16th, 2012 by Owen Quinn 1 Comment

As we know the first episode of the series 7 of Doctor Who will be a Dalek extravaganza featuring every type of Dalek that has ever appeared in the series. Speculation has been rife, rumours have flowed and the makers have kept the title of the story a closely guarded secret until now. They said it would give the game away but instead has made the speculation explode.

Asylum of the Daleks will see the Doctor, Amy and Rory encounter the pepperpots like never before and have every kid in the country adorn his or her bedroom with as many Dalek figures as their poor parents can afford once this goes out.

However, no one is quite sure what the title means. Does it mean a safe haven free from persecution where these Daleks never fought in the war? Doubtful the new multicoloured Paradigm of Daleks also feature and they were created after the war. Is it a collection? If so, who is powerful enough to capture and contain over thirty species of Dalek? Or is it the obvious meaning of the word- a place where the mad and the mentally unbalanced are kept for their own sake and for the sake of others. Are these Daleks victims like Dalek Caan who flew into the Time War and was left a gibbering wreck? Or have they been experimented upon and left like this? And if so can the Doctor stand by and see even his deadliest enemies tortured so? Will his conscience allow him to walk away? See? So many questions and rumours are forming now and we have to wait patiently as this is an episode that was totally studio bound so no YouTube videos to spoil it for us.

Whatever the story is I hope the hype doesn’t let us down.

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