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Glen Mazzara talks about Surprises and Sacrifices in Season 3 of The Walking Dead

July 25th, 2012 by Big Phil Comments

It’s still three months away but we cannot wait to get into this series again…

Glen Mazzara, Zombie Legend (that’s Writer and Producer) has been keeping us fans well and truly on our toes over the past couple of weeks with little snippets of what we can expect in the third season of The Walking Dead.
Talking about the opening five minutes of the new season he stated: “One, we hit the ground running, and two, it’s going to surprise people.
“The audience is going to have to catch up and figure out actually what it all means.
“So hopefully that’s mysterious and enough of a tease for you, but I think the audience is going to realize we’re back in a very big way.”

Speaking also about The Prison (not a spoiler folks, it was in the last shot of season 2) he also said: “That prison is sort of like a haunted house. There are challenges within that prison where it’s not as necessarily safe as everyone thinks – let’s just say that – and there’s sacrifice involved in that.”

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