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INTERVIEW: FTN interviews Holby City actress Natasha Leigh

December 22nd, 2012 by Irwin Fletcher 1 Comment

While Holby City isn’t usually our thing here at FTN, we always find it hard to turn down an opportunity to interview a beautiful, talented actress like Natasha Leigh…

Australian beauty, Natasha Leigh has burst onto our TV screens as feisty and flirty Doctor, Lilah Birdwood on the ever-popular British drama television series of Holby City. Dr Birdwood is already causing havoc after leaving Austaila to escape from the disapproving eyes of her former colleagues, after her affair with a married consultant was exposed. Natasha’s wonderful and naturalistic portrayal of the young Australian Doctor is already standing out with fans, as her flirtatious nature creates tension between patients and other members of Staff in the ward. Holby Fans were left in complete surprise after she kissed the older and more experienced General Surgical Consultant Ric Griffin and are eager to see how the plot develops. Dr Bridwood is at the Holby City Hospital as a CTI Doctor and is desperate to make the cut as a surgeon, but how far will she go?
Having only been in the UK for a couple of months, Natasha Leigh is already turning heads and making her mark. When attending the UK’s Inside Soap Awards Natasha was named ‘best dressed’ and has been featured in various publications since. Natasha Leigh who plays the confident young Doctor’s other credits include success in prime time Australian shows such as the hugely popular ‘Neighbours’, ‘Underbelly: Golden Mile’, ‘Bogan Pride’, ‘City Homicide’ and ‘Cops’ (as Natasha Cunningham). Regarding Lilah, Natasha says, “she is at Holby City Hospital to prove herself. She’s a great character to play.”

Hi Natasha, thanks so much for taking the time out to talk to us.

FTN: First off, how did the role of Dr Lilah Birdwood came about for you? Did you have to audition or was it written specially for you?

NL: I got the audition when I was in Los Angeles. I put an audition on tape and sent it to the UK. Next week I had a Skype meeting with the producers and started filming the next week!

FTN: In her time she has created quite a stir. She’s a determined lady. How much input did you have with her character and storyline?

NL: I think because I have similar characteristics as Lilah, I was able to understand her. The script is written as we progress through the series, so our presence in the role certainly influences the story line.

FTN: I know you’re a big fan of old Hollywood glamour. What stars from that period have influenced you?

NL: I am very much a fan of the Old Hollywood! I live Mae West with her sexuality & sass, Ava Gardner with her Ruthless class & Marilyn Monroe with her vulnerability & light!

FTN: Aside from the weather, what is the biggest change for you working here as opposed to shows in Australia?

NL: My Australian Accent was definitely a hurdle in my own process. When I’m in a scene I have to be so conscious of my articulation as well as all the other directions. So it was another great challenge for me.

FTN: There’s a storm outside and you have no intention of leaving the house. What would your favourite movie be to pass the evening?

NL: My favourite film!? That is very tricky; because I am “Ms Leigh”, “Vivien Leigh” has a special part in my heart – so ‘Gone with the Wind’ would be up there! Also, Al Pacino in ‘Scent of a Woman’ and Sean Penn & Edward Norton in ‘Primal Fear’ (I’m a bit of a film buff!!!)

FTN: Given you’ve done both British and Australian television, are American television and movies something you would be interested in breaking into? it hasn’t done Guy Pearce any harm?

NL: Absolutely!!! I travel to the US all the time, keep the connections.. But I’ve yet to work there… So ready though!

FTN: Now you’ve played a surgeon, would you ever fancy doing the job in real life?

NL: No Way!!! It’s so much pressure dealing with people’s lives… With acting, I love it because it’s living without consequences… Much more fun!!

FTN: Will we see Lilah return or are you actively seeking new work in the UK?

NL: New work definitely! It’s just my personality, I need to keep moving, keep evolving. I have enjoyed my time at Holby and am happy with my work there.

FTN: Finally, we have to ask: Star Wars or Lord of the Rings?

NL: Lord of the Rings! (Although Star Wars is genius…) I met Sir Ian McKellen in Australia when he was in ‘Waiting for Godot’… And his skit with Ricky Gervais on ‘how to act’ LEGEND! xx

FTN: Natasha, thanks for taking the time to chat with us and we look forward to seeing more of you on the screen.

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