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Is Fringe heading for the big screen? Oh please say yes! Plus awesome new season 5 trailer

July 18th, 2012 by Owen Quinn Comments

We are gutted that Fringe ends this season, but this little snippet went under the radar at SDCC and gives us hope of more to come…

With only 13 episodes to go before the sunsets on Fringe, the cast revealed at comic Con at the weekend that a movie is possible, especially if they have their way. Producers revealed they had worked out how the show will end and a spanking new trailer (below) shows the Fringe team step from amber into the future to reclaim the Earth from an Observer invasion just as seen in the episode in season four.

Both John Noble and Joshua Jackson have said that Fringe will continue in some form but that has yet to be decided. Such was the outpouring of love for this show, a show no one wants to end, especially us at FTN, that the sign of forgiveness in the show was held up in photo form by the adoring crowds. Fringe is a show that has constantly evolved and surprised audiences whether it be universe jumping or wiping one of its characters from history to create a brand new time line that allowed old stories and villains to be played out in new versions. Whatever happens, we will be watching.

Listen to our EXCLUSIVE interview with Fringe star Jasika Nicole, Astrid Farnsworth, about the end of the series HERE

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