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It’s time to Beware The Batman

July 18th, 2012 by Owen Quinn Comments

Batman returns to his detective roots in new animated series…

A brand new Batman show will debut next year on the cartoon network. Beware the Batman will not only be the first CGI batman show but will take the character back to his detective roots.
Mitch Watson and glen Murakami told fans at Comic Con that they really wanted to show the Batman for what he originally was; a guy out there looking for clues and using his brain to solve crimes and keep the city safe. As a result there will be no super villains, so don’t expect the Joker or Penguin to pop in. The villains gallery instead will be from the Dc universe, both well known and some not so well known. Names floating around are Magpie, Toad and Anarchy.

Batman will have a new partner Katana (below) but they insist she is not his sidekick. She has a whole past of her own, has a connection with the ever loyal Alfred and it is only when Barbara Gordon sees Katana in action that the seeds of Batgirl are planted. Added to this the upcoming Soultaker storyline, this series sounds rather exciting. Batman Begins again anyone?

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