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TELEVISION REVIEW: FTN reviews Game of Thrones S03 E07 The Bear and the Maiden Fair

May 16th, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Game of Thrones S03 E07
The Bear and the Maiden Fair

With only three episodes left in this Season of Game Of Thrones, all the characters are being put into position for where and how it will end. In this episode which was penned by the author of the ‘A Song of Fire & Ice’ novel series, George R. R. Martin himself, we learn about sacrifice and loyalty; what is loyalty, what isn’t loyalty, what would/wouldn’t you sacrifice in your loyalty and that, despite any show of loyalty, “sacrifice & loyalty only comes into play when it suits someone”.


Daenerys, Ser Jorah, Ser Barristan and the Unsullied army reach the yellow city of Yunkai. While they advise her the city is of no strategic value, she still wants to take the city and free the slaves within it. Though early in Season one she didn’t agree with the Dothraki ways of pillaging towns and capturing slaves, it seems she has some of the Dothraki way still in her and altered it by raiding towns and freeing the slaves in it, to her advantage of course, which is to gather more of an army and loyal followers for her venture to Westeros. Though I feel she isn’t thinking clearly, how will her army from Across the Narrow Sea fair in Westeros? A fact that Grazden from Yunkai tips her off to by calling her mad (like her Targaryn ancestors) after she decides to take all the gold and ships the town of Yunkai will give her if she simply leaves the town alone, but she still wants the slaves freed, which they refuse to do.

While aboard a ship on the Blackwater Bay, Melisandre informs Gendry that he is the son to the late King Robert Baratheon, which answers his questions about being pursued by the Kingsguard shortly after King Robert’s death.

Over in Kings Landing, Sansa is comforted by Margery regarding her impending nuptials to Tyrion. Margaery’s words of wisdom about figuring out what kind of man suit’s a girls wants & needs slightly implies that while Margery wasn’t intimate with Renly, she may have tried on one too many pairs of shoes if you know what I mean. Shae tells Tyrion that their relationship is over once he marries Sansa. Lord Tywin gives King Joffrey a lesson in ruling a kingdom, further displaying what we have known since Season 1: The Hand of the King rules far more than the King does.

Jon Snow and the Wildings are officially in the North. Orell has some harsh words to share with Snow just before confessing his love to/for Ygritte, who admits she is in love with Snow. While not completely revealing his loyalty is still with the Nights Watch, he tries to tell Ygritte that the Wildings have gotten across the Wall many times before and that none have succeeded against the Nights Watch, and that if there is anything to learn from this history it’s that the Wildings will not succeed this time either.

Still on their way towards the Wall, Osha is suspicious of the Reed kids and the ‘black magic’ Jojen is filing Bran’s head with regarding their dreams. Jojen reveals that Bran’s dreams of the three-eyed crow are Beyond the Wall and that is where they must go. Osha refuses, and tells them about her husbands death then resurrection as a White Walker, which is why she fled North and why she isn’t going back.

Theon is freed from his torturous restraints by two women. They give him water, clean his wounds, tease him and begin to pleasure him. They are interrupted by Theon’s still nameless captor/tormentor, who then wants to remove Theon’s…well, you get the point.

Robb & his army are on their way to the Freys at the Twins but are delayed by rain. Catelynn is the only one concerned about their venture, and that Walder Frey will see their delay as added insult to injury in Robb’s broken loyalty to Walder Frey. Robb disregards it and further forgets it when his wife & queen, Talisa, reveals to him that she is pregnant.

The Brotherhood Without Banners learns of a Lannister raiding near them and decide to pursue them. Arya is already angry at them for allowing The Hound to be freed & for Melisandre taking Gendry, so the fact that they are pursuing this raid instead of taking her to Riverrun as they promised further infuriates her. Arya runs off into the woods, but before the Brotherhood can find her, The Hound does.

Before Jamie departs for Kings Landing, he visits Brienne to tell her that while she remains at Harrenhal she will be under the watch of their original captor Locke, since Lord Bolton is on his way to the Freys at the Twins. Despite all they went through, he also promises to keep his & her oath to Catelynn by returning the Stark girls. While at a stop to Kings Landing, Jamie learns that Brienne will not be ransomed to her father and she is staying at Harrenhal. Jamie manipulates the leader of their journey to return to Harrenhal. When Jamie arrives, he finds that Locke has forced Brienne into a pit to fight a bear with only a wooden sword. He attempts to ransom Brienne to no avail, then leaps into the pit to help. The leader of the journey to Kings Landing shoots at the bear with a crossbow, and Brienne & Jamie are lifted out of the pit. Though it is against Locke’s will, the leader is loyal to Bolton and will see Jamie unharmed, and Locke reluctantly lets Jamie depart for Kings Landing with Brienne.

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