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The Doctor returns! Date, trailer and what we think is in… The Asylum of Daleks

August 21st, 2012 by Owen Quinn Comments


It has been confirmed that the seventh series of Doctor Who starring Matt Smith as the eleventh Doctor, Karen Gillan as Amy pond and Arthur Darvill as Rory Williams will kick off with Asylum of the Daleks on Saturday September 1st.

The actual transmission date has been the subject of speculation for a while with 25th August being the most likely start date. Traditionally Doctor Who magazine is released the Thursday before the start of a new series. This month’s was advertised for 23rd of August but has been put back by a week to the 30th August instead.

Although it was denied, this was because of the transmission dates, no mention of the series was made in any of the television guide magazines. Understandably this is to prevent the possible release of any spoilers in one of the most anticipated episodes ever. However, has fandom been caught up in the frenzy with the claim that every version of the Daleks will appear in this episode? The trailers so far have shown the old bronze Daleks that battled both the ninth and tenth Doctors in the arena the Doctor and co find themselves in. However so is the Dalek Paradigm from Victory of the Daleks and in the last shot of the Save the Daleks trailer (below) you can see a Dalek mutant creature free of its casing sitting in the background behind Matt Smith.

Previously we have been told that there were thirty Daleks on set which was assumed to be the asylum itself but what if it’s the arena that they have gathered. Also Steven Moffat tweeted a picture of Matt and Karen with a cobwebbed sixties Dalek from inside the asylum. What if we have it backwards? What if there is only one Dalek in the asylum- the sixties version? If so, how does it hold the key to saving the rest of the Daleks? And on top of that, if every version of the Daleks really is in this episode, does that include the three Emperor versions, from Evil of the Daleks, Parting of the Ways and Remembrance of the Daleks and last but not least, the greatest Dalek of them all- Davros himself? On 1st September we shall finally see for ourselves.

We’ve seen the trailer of the Doctor, Amy and Rory surrounded by thousands of bronze Daleks who were apparently wiped out in Victory of the Daleks. But now, new photos released of the first series 7 adventure have provided brand new clues. We already know that every type of Dalek that has ever appeared in the fifty year old series will feature. Tick off bronze Dalek but did you see the red Dalek soldiers from Victory of the Daleks in among the bronze ones too? And these new pictures now show the multicoloured five strong Dalek Paradigm that beat the eleventh Doctor in the world war story Victory of the Daleks are there as well and not as some have speculated trapped in the asylum. Located on a planet surrounded by a honey combed force field, the Doctor and friends are sent to the asylum on a mission- the one place the Daleks either are afraid to go or cannot go, because the most insane of their species is trapped there. So what can their mortal enemy do but go to the snow covered planet where shattered Dalek casings lie buried in the snow? Rumours are rife, anticipation is building, prepare to enter the Asylum of the Daleks.

The new twenty second trailer (below) for Asylum of the Daleks is causing ripples all across fandom. The Daleks are the Doctor’s oldest and deadliest enemies whom he has fought across time and space, always thwarting their plans and driving them back. But this time, something has changed; this time, they need his help in breaking into the asylum. This time they are begging the Doctor to ‘Save the Daleks!” Check out the trailer below.

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