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TV REVIEW: Dexter S07E01 ‘Are you…?’

October 3rd, 2012 by Christopher Williams 1 Comment

Season 7 Episode 1
Are You…?

Starring: Michael C Hall and Jennifer Carpenter

Fall is in full swing here as we are getting a host of new shows and season premiers. Showtime’s big premier was season 7 of Dexter. If you’ll remember in last season’s finale Deb walks in on Dexter putting the knife into Travis Marshall. In the premier we get to see the fallout of that discovery.

Deb is confused as ever after watching her brother serial kill another big bad. Deb is in such a state of shock that she initially buys Dexter’s explanation for killing Marshall and even helps Dex set up the scene to appear to be a suicide. While watching this I was thinking, come one, Deb is way too smart to fall for Dex’s shaky explanations.

Sure enough, the more she thinks about it, the more she starts to question what she saw. Her constant poking and prodding of Dexter throughout the episode only serves to unnerve him even more. Of course what does Dexter do when he feels he’s losing control? Kill somebody, and kill somebody he does. Serving up this week a Russian mobster who killed a stripper and then a Good Samaritan in Mike Anderson. On that note, it doesn’t seem to pay to be a Black detective in Miami Metro. I’m still sad that Doakes had to go. Why did Anderson have to go and a total douche like Quinn is still alive and kicking?!

On the hunt for the Russian, we see the writers getting a little lazy here. Dexter manages to track him down way too easily. It’s only a matter of minutes before Dexter has him in sight. How do the writers explain this, with a quick quip about how the Russian was “sloppy”. Tracking him down to the airport bathroom, Dexter zeros in on his kill. In what becomes a series of conveniences, Dexter pounces. Finding a convenient wheelchair, Dexter places a convenient “bathroom closed” sign on the bathroom entry, found on an unattended conveniently placed janitor’s cart. Once he grabs his prey he wheels him to a conveniently closed unclaimed luggage storage room. After the kill Dexter secrets the body out of the airport using a convenient surf board bag. Good thing that surfer never came back for his board.

Spoiler alert!!!

After all this madness goes down, that’s when we get the big reveal. Huge reveal! Debra discovers Dexter’s secret stash of kill instruments and blood slide trophies.

End spoilers. The cat is out of the bag! This could’ve been a season finale cliffhanger, but it’s not. Why? Because Dexter will need Deb. Earlier in the episode LaGuerta finds the blood slide Dexter took of Travis Marshall at the church, a blood slide Dexter lost in the hurry to cover up his kill. LaGuerta is sure to be hot on Dexter’s heels never being fully convinced that Doakes was the Bay Harbor Butcher. Little does she know yet, she now has the proof. I believe that Dexter will need Debra to help him dodge LaGuerta this season, but that’s just my opinion on how I think this season will play out.

Overall we got a pretty good premier here that is sure to lead into a twisting and turning season as this is to be the penultimate season of Dexter’s run. Definitely looking forward to how things will play out this season. Fair warning though Dexter writers, I’m pretty good at calling plots before they happen, so please try your best to keep me on my toes. If it wasn’t for the lazy writing during the kill scene, this would’ve been a seriously great episode. I have to take a few points away for that though.

3 out of 5 nerds

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