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TV REVIEW: FTN reviews Arrow SO1EO4 An Innocent Man

November 1st, 2012 by Christopher Williams Comments


When Arrow realizes an innocent man, Peter Declan, is sitting on death row with precious little time before his execution, he enlists the help of Laurel to clear Declan’s name. Walter finds $2.65 million missing from Queen Industries and starts to investigate, and Arrow looks to enlist John Diggle in his fight against the corrupt businessmen of Starling City.

First off I want to thank the writers of Arrow for steering the ship back on course. After last week’s rather weak episode writing wise, I was glad to see a very solid episode this week. Picking up where we left off Diggle has come to from his poisoning and finds himself inside Oliver’s secret hideout where he is confronted with a sales pitch of sorts, with Oliver asking Diggle to join him in his crusade. A pitch that falls short, as Diggle wants none of it, seeing Arrow as a criminal and a murderer. I can understand Diggle’s concerns, but I thought he might have overreacted a wee bit considering that Arrow just saved his life. From there Oliver heads home to find himself on the wrong end of another chewing out, this time from Laurel. Poor Ollie can’t catch a break as this time he is being accused of selfishness. You could see on his face that he just wanted to tell her about Arrow, but he has to hold it in and just accept the brunt of her attack. Thea pops up out of nowhere, this time with some sage advice, as she tells Oliver to just show Laurel his true self. If only she knew.

Of course we all know that superheroes tend to feel that their hero personas are their real ones while their secret identities are the façade, so Oliver decides to introduce Laurel to Arrow when he starts to suspect that Peter Declan, a man sitting on death row for killing his wife, is actually innocent. With laurel at his side for the moment Arrow starts to put together the evidence she needs to set Peter free. Turns out it was Peter’s wife’s boss, John Boduer who was behind the hit, after Peter’s wife Camille finds out Boduer’s chemical company has been disposing of waste in The Glades, the poor section of Starling City. She was planning on blowing the whistle on Boduer and this would not have boded well for his company. Though I did like this part of the plot, it seemed to move forward a bit too quickly for me, which made it seem a bit silly. There was a scene where Boduer talks with his hit man where they discuss the murder. It was done so quickly that it may not have had the impact that it needed. It seemed a bit too comic booky. I know it’s a show based on a comic book, but this is an hour-long show, not a 22page book. They could have taken more time with it or put this reveal towards the end so that it would resonate more and provide more a mystery. Instead we find out almost immediately that Boduer was behind the murder.

Realizing that his plans are all about to fall apart thanks to Laurel, Bodeur decides to move up the time table on Peter’s death by sending his hit man into the prison to kill Peter and silence him once and for all. Arrow shows up and infiltrates the prison by nabbing a guard’s uniform and donning a ski mask to protect his identity. This was a good move until the climax of the scene when Arrow saves Laurel and Peter from the hit man who uses a prison riot to cover his tracks. My problem here was that once the guards move in and contain the riot Arrow walks away scot-free. No one seems to question why a guard is wearing a ski mask. I tend to notice things that are out of place so if I were a guard I probably would’ve noticed the ski masked up guard, but they were in the process of containing the riot so I can let that pass. Unfortunately for Arrow he almost beats Laurel’s attacker to death, which scares her more than the original attack itself. It seems that Arrow may have just lost what could’ve been a key ally. I felt bad for Oliver in this instance because through the flashbacks we learn that his time on the island made it necessary for him to become a killer of sorts if he is to survive. It’s not Oliver’s fault that he loses it on Laurel’s attacker, it was just an instinct that he won’t be able to shrug off now that he’s rejoined society something Laurel can’t understand. In fact I was kind of mad at Laurel for how she reacted to Arrow, he was just trying to save her life after all, how about a little appreciation lady!

On the plus side he may have gained a new ally in Diggle. Deciding to take another crack at him Oliver goes to visit him at the hamburger shack Diggle’s sister-in-law works at. Though Diggle was apprehensive at first he seems to come around to joining Oliver later on when he meets Oliver at his home. That’s when things go haywire and Oliver finds himself under arrest for being Arrow. Detective Lance seems to have found the proof he needs for a warrant. This didn’t sit well with me for a few reasons. First its way too soon, this feels like something you would want to leave as a season finale cliffhanger. Second, I really hope this isn’t something that gets solved within the first few minutes of next week’s episode. It would seem like really lazy writing if a bombshell like this were averted with a few pages of script and then on to the next story. If they go this route then this is a plotline that should take at least a full episode or two for Oliver to work his way out of.

There is also the situation of the missing $2.6 million from the Queen Industries coffers. Walter traces the money back to a warehouse where Moira has been housing the yacht Oliver and his dad were on when Oliver got stranded. I really don’t know what to make of this, but just given the password for the warehouse was Moira’s ex-husband’s name means that this should hit Walter pretty hard. I’m very interested to see how this story plays out since I have no idea what the boat is being housed for other then as a shrine to Moira’s dead husband which should really sting Walter in the gut. Then guess what? Captain Jack Harkness showed up! In cahoots with Moira, they come to realize Arrow is targeting people from her dead husband’s list. Definitely interested to see how tahtw ill play out as well.

A super fine episode this week, which has me looking forward to next week’s to see how these open threads will play out. Looks like Arrow just took a misstep last week and things are looking up from here.

3.5 out of 5 nerds

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