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TV REVIEW: FTN reviews Arrow SO1EO7 Muse of Fire

November 30th, 2012 by Christopher Williams 1 Comment

When Moira Queen is caught in the crossfire of a mob hit Oliver seeks vengeance. While investigating the Bertinelli crime family, Oliver discovers the shooter is Bertinelli’s daughter, Helena. The two soon form a close bond over how recent events in their lives have changed them. Walter returns from his sabbatical after Moira is caught in the attack and Tommy tries to get closer to Laurel, and in doing so moves away further from his father.

I really wanted to love this episode, but sadly I was only in like with it. The introduction of the Huntress had me anticipating this episode for a few weeks, and as far as that goes, I wasn’t disappointed. I really loved how they portrayed Helena as the Huntress, gritty, dark and angry. The reveal of Tommy’s father was great too, well played Arrow writers, well played. We all thought that Tommy was destined to become Arrow arch-nemesis Merlyn, but instead it appears that it’s his dad instead. I also didn’t mind Thea as much this time around. Normally her antics get on my nerves as they are starting to wear thin, but this time she was the concerned daughter worried about her mom. Seeing Thea cozied up in the bed with Moira was nice for a change instead of their usual fighting, but then she turned on Oliver. I understand Oliver is keeping secrets and all, but it seems like she has to be in a beef with somebody. First it’s her mom, now she’s beefing it with Oliver, why can’t she just relax and worry about herself for a change?

Tommy is starting to grow on me as well. He’s been a super douche for the most part, and I haven’t shy about stating so here, but this week and last we are seeing his character start to change and evolve into a pretty decent guy, I guess trying to land a girl like Laurel will do that to a guy. I couldn’t believe it, but I actually felt bad for the guy when all his money was suddenly taken away. I won’t lie though, I am really hoping to see him working in a coffee shop or something, and not landing a super cushy job in a nice office.

Now for the bad and just downright confusing. First off, I love the idea of giving Arrow his own Catwoman like dark love interest, and I actually don’t mind Tommy getting closer to Laurel, but damn, do we really need Dawson’s Creek like music playing during every bonding scene? Last night’s episode had me ready to smash any acoustic guitar that happened to cross my path. My other beef with these scenes was the dialogue. I almost lost it trying to endure all the groan inducing, eyeball rolling banter between Tommy and Laurel as well as Oliver and Helena. I suddenly found myself reliving horrible nightmares of a pre-Fringe made him cool Joshua Jackson sharing tender moments with an untarnished by Tom Cruise Katie Homes, cue the acoustic guitars and snare drums. Not only was the dialogue super sappy during these moments, but it also seemed really stiff and empty when it came to Helena and Oliver. I’ve been able to look past Stephen Amell’s devoid of any emotion performances, but when Helena and Oliver get together its like two robots talking.

Now for the “WTF?! Moment of the Week”, how in the hell is Oliver going to break that goon’s neck, and they tell Helena she was wrong for killing the dude that killed her fiancé? I almost had to laugh when he delivered the “What you’re doing is totally different than from what I’m doing” speech, seriously dude?! Seriously?! Oliver, reality check man, you kill bad people, she kills bad people. It’s the exact same thing; only you believe that God ordains your mission since it came from your dad. She is doing the same thing too, except that her dad is alive and not appreciative of her actions. Unlike some other fans, I actually like that Arrow kills people, he’s not Batman and I’m not holding him to some super hero code, but don’t get all high and mighty on Helena.

Though I wasn’t in total love this episode, I thought they got a lot of things right. Great action, a good story and I also like how Oliver has his own woman, so screw Laurel and Tommy. Is it just me, or does the Helena and Oliver hook up almost mirror what’s going on in Dexter with Hannah and Dexter? I also let out a squeal of excitement when the opening credits rolled by and I spotted the name of my most favorite comic writer ever, Geoff Johns. My only hope is that he wasn’t there when the dialogue for the love scenes was written. All in all, a fairly good episode bogged down by some stiff and over the top sappy dialogue. If not for those moments, this episode would’ve scored a lot higher.

3 out of 5 nerds

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