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TV REVIEW: FTN reviews Clone Wars SO5EO8 Bound For Rescue

November 18th, 2012 by Christopher Williams Comments

The Jedi younglings are stranded and decide to mount a rescue of Ahsoka rather than sit around. Kenobi is attacked by Grievous in space.

The Jedi kids are clear of Hondo, but their ship is badly damaged. After contacting Kenobi, they are told to wait for Commander Cody to come to their aid.  Only problem is, as Cody prepares to leave, the Republic ship is hit by a sneak attack from Grievous. This leads to one of my favorite things about this series, space battles. The way this show portrays space battles is always a wonder to watch. The explosions, the spinning fighters and harrowing combat scenarios always show off how great the CGI animation is at LucasFilm, this is one aspect of the show they get right, every time.

As the kids wait for rescue they start to build their lightsabers in what was one of the best scenes of the show. Seeing these kids building their lightsabers with the Force and finally getting it right was great in a mystical kind of way. Starting to realize that help has been delayed and in a ship that needs repair, they decide to land and do exactly what they were told not to do, attempt a rescue of Ahsoka. I mean, of course they were going to, right? With a brash young one like Petro aboard, there was no way they were going to just rest on their laurels, especially once their weapons were built.

Setting down, they discover Hondo’s base and decide to mount the rescue. Needing a plan, they intercept a traveling carnival en route to the very place they were headed. Posing as acrobats they manage to hitch a ride to Hondo’s. Meanwhile, the Republic forces find themselves being overrun by Grievous’ forces and Kenobi orders all crew to abandon ship, planning to self destruct their battleship with Grievous and his army on board. This is where I actually got really mad at this episode; Grievous tries to gain access to the ship’s records only to find a smug message from Kenobi that the self-destruct has been triggered. Why?! Why do you let your enemy know your plan instead of just doing it?! I know Grievous has to live on but it reminds me of a Bond villain giving away all his plans to a captive Bond allowing him enough time to escape. Remember the first Austin Powers movie? Dr. Evil’s son, Scott,” Just shoot him. Here, I have a gun; I’ll just do it right now.”

The Jedi kids manage to infiltrate Hondo’s camp via the circus, and after pulling off a few tricks to distract the pirates, manage to rescue Ahsoka. How funny was it to see a super drunk Hondo? I mean, it’s still a kid’s show at the end of the day, but it was nice to see a bit of an adult theme slip into this episode.

This was easily the most entertaining episode of this story arc. Clone Wars, you had me at space battle, and yet continued to deliver on every beat of this week’s show. The pacing was done exceptionally well and managed to keep me entertained with every scene. Great action and some laughs in a drunk Hondo were the keys to success this week.

4.5 out of 5 nerds
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