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TV REVIEW: FTN reviews Clone Wars SO5EO9 A Necessary Bond

November 25th, 2012 by Christopher Williams Comments

Ahsoka’s planned rescue goes awry. General Grievous seizes Hondo’s forces and Hondo finds himself teaming up with Ahsoka to combat Grievous.

The young Jedi and Ahsoka run into some problems as they make their getaway, namely, Hondo’s forces that are in quick pursuit. After a nice little action scene featuring some nifty tank driving a band of Hondo’s pirates manage to capture Ahsoka, the young Jedi and a revived but armless Professor Huyang. As they make their way back to base they spy Separatist ships landing with invasion forces being led by General Grievous. Turns out, Count Dooku hasn’t forgiven Hondo for his previous kidnapping of the Count and subsequent attempt to auction his prisoner. The Jedi captives team up with their pirate captors to free Hondo so he can lead them to his hidden stash of ships and ultimately off of Florrum.

This week is the conclusion to the young Jedi story arc and the finale does not disappoint. Their was plenty of great action to be had here icluding a scene of the young Jedi ripping apart a squadron of drones. The young ones prove to be handy in battle and threw out some really nice lightsaber moves. Ahsoka also gets some shine here in a great duel with Grievous who is bearing four lightsabers. Anytime there is a Grievous duel it’s guaranteed to be a treat for us viewers. There was also a great scene with that only youngling to not construct her lightsaber yet getting a bit of motavation from Hondo to finally complete the task. Who knew that Hondo loves the kids?

I really liked Hondo (yes, again) this week giving us a bit of his soft side with the kids. The little nod that he gives to the one at the end made for a really nice moment. The scene was even better as it was juxtaposed with Hondo haggling with Kenobi over billing the Republic for the Jedi youngling rescue just before the small tender moment. Hondo is such a great character and I’m glad he made it back into this story arc after seeing him in the season premier. Also nice to see was the chemistry between R2-D2 and Professor Huyang with the professor serving in the straight man role that is usually reserved for C-3PO. Seeing R2 pushing Huyang from one ship to another provided a nice bit of light humor. One thing that always confuses me about the Star Wars Universe though is R2’s flight capabilities. Did someone remove his jets in between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope? I guess someone should try to cover that in an Expanded Universe novel.

All in all, this was a great wrap up to this story arc, and it introduced plenty of characters that I am hoping will make their way into future episodes. I still strongly suggest that a EU author get to work on writing about Petro’s fall to the darkside. This episode and the whole arc in general provided us with some really great moments, hey, who doesn’t like to cheer for a ragtag group of kids, making them Jedi made it all the more better.

4.5 out 5 nerds for this episode

4 out of 5 nerds for the Jedi youngling arc

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