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TV REVIEW: FTN reviews Dexter SO7EO11 Do You See What I See?

December 12th, 2012 by Christopher Williams Comments

Dexter gets a wake up call regarding his relationship with Hannah. LaGuerta tries to set up Dexter. Deb lands in the hospital and Quinn realizes he’s an idiot…I hope.

Dexter had a lot of interesting things going for it this week, though I wasn’t enthralled with the latest entry, it was still a great episode, which looks to set up a strong season finale. We start off with a nice little vision of Dexter imagining his future, complete with a gray haired Dexter making a kill. Dexter looking forward to his future was a nice touch since everything he does seems to be so rooted in the moment, always more concerned about the now, especially with the bevy of obstacles he’s had to deal with this season. Dexter then receives an interesting phone call, finding out that Hector Estrada, the man who ordered his mother’s death, is up for parole. I loved this plot since it gives a payoff to viewers who have been with the show long term; it’s always nice when writers offer up nuggets of the past as a gift for the present. Naturally Dexter sees this as an opportunity to fully close this chapter from his past, which would make his future that much more bright.

Dexter also has a sit down with Matthews, which halfway through he realizes is an interrogation, about the suspicion of him being the Bay Harbor Butcher. I liked the moment when he realized what was happening, using his inner voice, as he has to have seen thousands of interrogations at work. Though Matthews is coy with Dexter, Dex is no fool and I’m glad that he was able to see through Matthews and then uses the moment to further implicate Doakes, mentioning that Doakes had also owned a boat, and also using that to divert suspicion away from Dexter moving his own boat around the time of the original Bay Harbor investigation. After telling Deb about the encounter, Debra decides to lend a hand by planting evidence that will point the finger at Doakes undoubtedly.

Hannah decides to pay Debra a visit after finding out that Deb is looking into the death of youth facility counselor that Hannah killed. I was suspicious of this visit from the start as I knew that simply talking to Deb would probably have no effect on her digging into Hannah’s past. We all know how relentless Debra is and with Hannah in her crosshairs there was no way she was going to let this go, especially with just a chat. Of course soon after Debra lands in the hospital after blacking out behind the wheel of her car while going to visit a witness against Hannah. Immediately we all knew what to think since this was exactly how Hannah had hoped Sal Price would meet his end, while driving. I felt bad for Dexter trying to process his suspicion of Hannah since this is the first time he has felt real emotions and the inner turmoil was written all over his face and hung onto every one of his words.

Later on that night Dexter gathers with Hannah, Harrison and Jaime for a special Christmas Eve dinner. Seeing Dexter watch Hannah as she serves up food to his family while he monologues about it was great. “Can you ever fully trust a poisoner?” I was thinking the exact same thing, sadly the answer must be no. Later that night Dexter arrives for his date with Hector Estrada which leads to a surprising revelation which had to be the best moment of the show, LaGuerta arranged Estrada’s release in the hopes that Dexter would move on him once he was out of prison. Wow, LaGuerta is one sneaky lady, though through her past dealings with Matthews, we already knew, but a set up of this magnitude easily goes beyond what we have seen from LaGuerta in the past. The twosome make their escape, but Estrada makes is escape from Dexter as well, jumping off a dock into the ocean. This could have grave consequences going forward. My only hope is that this is saved for next season with a bit of the Issak and Dexter relationship we saw this season, minus the niceties of course.

Dexter also receives some sad news as he finds out that a water bottle belonging to Deb that he had tested came back full of drugs. Debra was indeed poisoned and it seems that Hannah went too far this time. Dexter hands over evidence that he had kept secret from the Sal Price murder investigation that point to Hannah as the killer. I can’t say I was surprised that Dexter handed Hannah over to Debra, but I was surprised that he did it with no hesitation, not even an inner monologue full of turmoil and grief. If Dexter had been evolving emotions and truly loved Hannah the way he claimed he would’ve shed a tear at least, right? This made me think that maybe Dexter isn’t as in love with her as he thought he was, but merely caught up in the moment of what he thought was a true connection to Hannah. One point of concern in turning on Hannah, for me anyway was her knowledge of Dexter’s activities. He didn’t even seem a bit concerned that Hannah might start talking to the police about her boyfriend just to get even with him. Or what if she knows about Debra’s moves to cover Dexter’s back? Hannah’s arrest could have some serious blowback for the Morgans and I must admit that I am excited to see how this plays out.

This week delivered a strong episode that looks to set up the finale nicely, though I wasn’t in love this week. The whole episode seemed to move at a very slow pace even though it was full of interesting moments. I think it was just in the pacing of the story since the focus was on certain plot threads as Dexter does have a bad habit of jamming too many plots into one episode. How great was it to see Nadia run off without Quinn? I mean, come on man, she’s a stripper, what did you expect dude? Especially after you earned her freedom by killing George. Now all I need is the Koshkas coming back to kill Quinn and I would be the happiest Dexter fan in the world. Even though this wasn’t the most exciting episode of Dexter this season, we did get some nice set ups that should pay off dividends in next week’s season finale, if it weren’t for the slow pacing I would’ve scored this episode higher.

3 out of 5 nerds

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