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TV REVIEW: FTN reviews Dexter SO7EO12 season finale Surprise Motherf–ker,

December 20th, 2012 by Christopher Williams Comments

Dexter looks to insulate himself as LaGuerta closes in on him. Hannah escapes from custody. Deb makes a decision that will change her forever. Quinn flirts with Jaime and if they get together next season I will hate Quinn even more.

The season finale was an episode full of all kinds of surprises. Some of these surprises will have a major impact on the characters going into the final season. Let’s start with the big one. LaGuerta moves in on Dexter, arresting him for the murder of Estrada. This came as a huge surprise to me since we all know Estrada was able to escape Dexter’s clutches. If you’ve ever watched any cop/lawyer show before then you know, no body no crime. This may be a different scenario though as Dexter is known to dump his victims into the ocean, so there’s never a body, but I thought LaGuerta was moving too hasty here. Turns out she was quite hasty as all the evidence she had appeared to be planted to make it look like she was framing Dexter. This all turns out to be a well-laid trap by Dexter to make LaGuerta appear to be planting evidence against Dexter. This was also well played by the writers and took me by surprise as we normally see Dexter committing these actions, and here we are just filled in on it after the fact. Way to keep us on our toes writing staff.

Of course LaGuerta wasn’t done yet. Facing a board inquiry on her evidence planting only seemed to stiffen her resolve all the more as she continues to poke and prod, finding more evidence that places Deb around the church that Travis Marshall was killed at. I hated how Deb reacted to this revelation. When confronted with the evidence she chooses to lie her way out of it with some seriously horrible lies that back track and change the story. For someone who interrogates suspects for a living, I thought she would’ve handled this a lot better than the sad, stumbling bit she gave. Sure, the evidence placed her in the vicinity, but not at the actual scene of the crime. I would’ve went with “Getting gas is not a crime.”, but I guess Deb doesn’t think that quick when she’s on the other side of the interrogation.

Dexter finds out that LaGuerta has a signed warrant that would allow her to look into his and Deb’s GPS on their phones to triangulate their location the night Marshall was killed. This also seemed a bit strange to me, as she had no hard evidence they were at the scene. What judge would sign off on a warrant looking into the cell phone GPS information on two police department employees no less, without at least something circumstantial, and more convincing than a video of Deb getting gas? Either way, Dexter decides to reshape his code to include survival, which means that LaGuerta would be the first innocent that has to go. After using Estrada to lure LaGuerta to their location, Dexter disposes of Estrada and pounces on LaGuerta when she shows up. Deb, unaware of Dexter’s whereabouts, rushes to where she might find him. Upon her arrival, she finds Dexter with a slumped over LaGuerta. While she cries and sobs over the discovery, LaGuerta wakes up and tries to talk Deb into shooting Dexter. This scene was played up for a lot of tension as Deb tries to decide what to do, but the show is called Dexter, not Maria, so we already know what the choice will be. With that, Deb becomes a murderer, as she hysterically sobs away over her decision, even letting Dexter know that she hates him for putting her in this situation.

Though we all knew Deb wouldn’t shoot Dexter, the far-reaching consequence for this action is going to be one of the highlights of next season. How do they get away with killing a police captain they’ve known for years? Since everyone knew LaGuerta was looking into Dexter, will this make him the prime suspect once LaGuerta is found dead? They did cover their tracks a bit here, but the cover seemed way too shaky to hold up to scrutiny. Also, how will this affect Batista’s retirement? Since he had a personal relationship with LaGuerta, will this make him unretired to investigate her death once the cover story starts to fall apart?

Onto the other major story going this episode, Hannah McKay. Hannah has an interesting chat with Dexter at the top of the episode, which ends in her biting the inside of Dexter’s lip until he’s bleeding. Come on dude, what did you expect? Fellas, if you piss off a woman, don’t fall her trying to kiss you afterwards, she’s going to bite you. At the courthouse for her arraignment, her friend Arlene slips her a little poison, which Hannah takes and then goes into seizures. Once at the hospital, Hannah escapes. It did bug me that she was able to escape so easily. She’s an accused murderer and no one is watching her at the hospital? Then to top it off, she was left unsupervised near cutting instruments? When she is only bound with a zip tie? Really?! Never the less, we pretty much see nothing else from her besides her creepily leaving a plant on Dexter’s door step. So now I guess we are to assume that she will be making some kind of appearance next season, possibly as a big bad, maybe going after Dexter’s family. This does not bode well for Dex. I also thought it was kind of strange that her escape wasn’t made known to Deb, she was the arresting officer after all. I know she has a lot on her plate already with the LaGuerta thing, but at least a mention of it to her would’ve been nice.

A nice touch this week were the flashbacks of moments between Dexter and Doakes. Through the flashbacks Dexter starts to realize that maybe he showed Doakes a little too much of his real self, and Doakes being as intuitive as he is, was able to pick up on it right away, being able to see right through Dexter’s act. I liked how they gave relevance to his current situation with LaGuerta by showing that he’s been sloppy in the past hiding his true self, and this time it could really cost him. Lastly, and just because I hate the guy, what was up with Quinn macking it with Jaime at Batista’s New Year’s party? Does she not know how pathetic Quinn really is? I’m still pretty mad that Quinn managed once again to get into real trouble and somehow get out of it like the bumbling, happy go lucky moron he truly is. Someone needs to put a cap in ass already. If he and Jaime becomes a thing next season then I would have to seriously reconsider the brilliance of the writers in the room for Dexter. Seriously guys don’t go there.

This was overall a great way to wrap up what has been a truly great season. Though it lagged at points and then threw too much at us in other points, I haven’t enjoyed Dexter this much since season 4. The changes that Dexter and Deb made this season were very welcomed evolutions of their characters and served to show that this season wasn’t simply going to be business as usual. Its almost as if the writers were saying, Hey, guess what, we’re trying again. I guess this was the staff of Dexter’s way of saying, thanks for slugging your way through seasons 5 and 6, we promise it’s all better now. Here’s to hoping that surprises keep coming as they take this one out with a bang next year.

4 out of 5 nerds

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