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TV REVIEW: FTN reviews Dexter SO7EO4 Run

October 22nd, 2012 by Christopher Williams Comments

Ray Speltzer is on the loose after escaping last week. Debra pokes and prods Dexter more in an effort to try to understand him. Isaac and his crew zero in on Dexter as Viktor’s killer as well as coming up with a plan to get Miami Metro off their and the Fox Hole’s back. Debra freaks out in the bath and Dexter’s hunt for Speltzer is on. 

This was a great episode in many ways. It was interesting to see Deb question Dexter about the Trinity Killer. I was hoping she would get around to Trinity eventually given how involved she was with the case and its lead investigator, Frank Lundy. She finally understands why Trinity went after Rita as well. When she questions Dexter about Rita and his love for her you could see on his face that he really doesn’t understand love, but still manages to convince Deb that he did love her. Later she makes the case for Dexter to send Harrison away to Orlando to be with his grandparents before he suffers the same fate as his mother. Dexter flat out refuses to do so stating that he’s a good dad and won’t give up his son. I found that to be a little strange since Harrison has appeared a total of 5 minutes this season and at this point is basically being raised by Jamie. The writers of Dexter seem to be real wishy washy with his immediate family members and have no problem casting them off and writing them out of the show like they ended up doing when Dexter finally concedes and sends Harrison off to Orlando. It’s almost as if Dexter’s attempt to get Speltzer the first time failed just so they would have a reason to get rid of Harrison.

That’s right, after Speltzer is captured and released from custody due to a legal technicality, Dexter finally decides to take things into his own hands and get rid of Speltzer. His first try fails miserably, but later on reconciles that mistake before the episode is up. Dexter seems to have an overwhelming need for Deb to understand him and accept him as evidenced by the fact that when Speltzer was first captured he knew Deb needed to get him behind bars for herself more than for his victims. After Speltzer gets off Deb starts to fall apart. Dexter tracks him down to end him, and though he denied it to her, you could see his motivation was for Deb’s well being more than for his own bloodlust.

Deb is steadily becoming unhinged shown in a scene where she imagines herself in a bath full of blood mimicking the way Rita was killed. This is completed with her dreaming of Dexter asking her to join him. You can see she’s getting pulled in two different directions here and she fears that she’s leaning more towards Dexter than to her duty as a police lieutenant. With Speltzer’s release and subsequent death at the hands of Dexter she is almost ready to ‘join the darkside’ if you will. Her statement that she was glad that Speltzer was dead was almost to be expected as was Dexter’s answer of ‘human’ when she asked what that makes her. In fact before Dexter answered her I almost said human out loud and once he did answer I wished I had so I would’ve looked like a super TV genius in front of my wife.

Elsewhere Isaac is hot on Dexter’s heels wanting revenge for Viktor’s death. I wish I had gotten around to reviewing last weeks episode because his obsession with Viktor was almost too much for just another hired hand making me think that he was probably Viktor’s father. Another moment where I would’ve looked like a genius since it was all but confirmed that were close in some way when Isaac enters Viktor’s apartment and gets emotional about Viktor after finding a photo of them together. Turns out they weren’t father and son, they were getting it on, but they were still more connected than just boss and hired thug. Things are going to get really sticky for Dexter going forward as Isaac seems like the kind of guy you don’t want to mess with. He’s way more sophisticated and ruthless than the major bad guys Dexter is used to dealing with.  Speaking of last week and ruthless, how great was it to finally see Louis killed?! I almost shouted in joy, but wished it had been by Dexter’s hands. However I will take a dead Louis any way I can get him. In a plan to get Miami Metro off their backs so they continue their heroin trade, Isaac asks one of his employees, Alex, to kill himself and take the fall for Anderson’s death so the cops will stop harassing his strip club. In exchange Isaac promised to take care of Alex’s family back in Russia. Being a father myself I really felt for Alex in this scene and I put myself in his situation. It’s a really tough call, but lets face it, they were going to kill him if he didn’t so he might as well take the money…and die(see what I did there? Instead of take the money and run. Yeah, that’s why I write reviews and not jokes.)

As always with Dexter there are a few things I don’t care about such as any storyline involving Quinn, and Jason Gedrick. Something about Gedrick’s face has always bothered me. I like to call it ‘annoying face’. Other then that we got another superb episode. I’m glad to see that Dexter is back on track after a thoroughly disappointing last few seasons.

4.5 out of 5 nerds
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