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TV REVIEW: FTN reviews Dexter SO7EO5 Swim Deep

October 29th, 2012 by Christopher Williams Comments

Deb is drawn into LaGuerta’s investigation into the Bay Harbor Butcher. Dexter plays cat and mouse with Isaak. Hannah McKay helps the dig up the bodies that her and Randall buried years ago, but Dexter soon discovers she’s not what she seems.

When plotlines for this season leaked and I found out that LaGuerta would be taking a second look at the Bay Harbor Butcher case I stated on The Nerd that Deb discovering Dexter’s secret meant that she would eventually be running interference with LaGuerta to cover Dex’s back. Turns out I was 100% correct. She finds out through Masoka that LaGuerta has Travis Marshall’s blood slide, she inserts herself into LaGuerta’s investigation to help cover for Dexter. I like the fact that since she was at the scene of Travis’ murder, her butt is on the line too. With all of Dexter’s past activities though, this proves to be a job that is mentally more then she bargained for. This puts a mental strain on her and is quickly skewing her belief of what is right and wrong. She also discovers through Dexter that they have been chasing a ghost in Viktor Baskov as Dex has already dispatched the killer. Deb makes him promise to never again derail an open investigation just to serve his own needs. A promise that is quickly broken by the end of the episode when he hides some suspicions he has about Hannah from Deb. I also really loved the scene in the elevator where Deb comes up with some imaginative curses, her and I seem to have the same affinity for the English language.

Hannah McKay makes good on her deal to help Miami Metro dig up the bodies put there by her and Wayne Randall years ago. While going over the evidence she starts to describe Randall as a monster that she was afraid would soon turn on her. The way she described being afraid that every time she dug a grave she was afraid that it would be her own. The way she said that instantly set off my Spider-Sense. She said it in a manner that felt like she was trying to sell her innocence. This time I announced out loud to my wife that she was killing people with Randall and she’s still killing people. Dexter noticed it too thirty seconds later when she picked up some evidence with Dexter noticing that she seemed a bit too nostalgic looking at the trophy. This is confirmed a bit later when she leads them to a body and Dexter, doing his thing, comes to realize that one of the victims had to be killed by someone smaller than Randall. When he confronts Hannah with this she all but confirms his suspicions. Expect Hannah to end up on Dexter’s table before this season is over.

Meanwhile Dexter has to deal with an Isaak Sirko that is closing in fast on Dexter. I love Dexter’s plan to get Isaak off his back even though it didn’t work out. Dexter is one clever dude. The smirk across Isakk’s face once he realizes he’s been set up was priceless. He also proves to be one bad assed dude as, through a sick slow motion montage, he easily dispatches three Columbian drug cartel members. The part where the buckshot grazes Isaak’s head was so sick. It elicited a verbal “Whoo!” from me as you see two hairs cleanly shot off his hairline. This scene has to be one of the best in the show’s history. Though this plan didn’t pan out the way Dexter wanted, they were still able to put Isaak at the scene and they were able to put him in an orange jumper behind bars. In another good scene Dexter confronts him in jail and asks if his vendetta is over. With a great story about his grandfather he let Dexter know that his want for revenge is far from over. I find it strange that Dexter feels safe with him in prison since anyone who read about mafias (like I have) know that just because they are locked up doesn’t mean they can’t reach out to their men. This thing with Viktor seems so personal that I can’t see Isaak letting someone else kill Dexter, but if I were Dexter I would feel far from safe.

Batista keeps bringing his nagging feeling about Alex’s suicide to everybody that will listen. I like how perceptive Batista can be, but stop using everyone as a sounding board, either look into it or drop it. Of course Deb nips him in the bud and tells him to just leave it be. I liked how she said Anderson’s killer is dead, he got justice, Batista doesn’t know it, but we know that she isn’t referring to Alex, but to Viktor. Now what’s up with Quinn? I hate this guy so much I keep hoping he’s going bite it. The way he falls for chicks and their BS is just sickening. Falling for a stripper? Come on dude! Even this nerd knows better than that, but fall for a stripper he does. Which leads to him finding a sack of cash in his car. Does anybody care about this storyline? Seriously! It seemed to serve no purpose to the story and felt totally out of place with the rest of the episode. My biggest hope is that it somehow serves to be Quinn’s downfall and he either ends up in jail or killed by the Russians.

At the end Deb tells Dexter that she’s out of his Bay Harbor Butcher life. Her involvement with Dexter’s second life appears to be over for now, but with her being at the scene for Travis Marshall I’m guessing she will somehow be drawn back into the fray. Let’s face it; LaGuerta won’t be giving up on her Bay Harbor Butcher investigation any time soon. Another good episode from Dexter and this time there were no moments that had me cringing at the quality of the writing. The relationship developing between Hannah and Dexter looks like it will be a great storyline, especially with Isaak on the backburner for now.

4 out of 5 nerds

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