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TV REVIEW: FTN reviews Dexter SO7EO6 Do The Wrong Thing

November 5th, 2012 by Christopher Williams Comments

Dexter finds himself hunting down Hannah McKay and looking for evidence of murders she may have committed after being released from juvenile detention. LaGuerta focuses on a new angle to catch the Bay Harbor Butcher. Isaak is starting to realize jail is not a good thing for him. Investigative crime author Sal Price lands in Miami to catch Hannah, and he finds himself trying to catch Deb as well. Quinn finds himself on the wrong side of the law.

What started off as intriguing episode of Dexter turned a little boring in it’s later stages. Dexter begins to stalk Hannah to find evidence that she may have murdered her husband. Realizing that his accusations last week may hinder his investigation, Dexter extends a peace offering in the form of a report from the two bodies Hannah helped police find in which he has omitted his findings pointing Hannah as the second killer. As Dexter starts to get closer her to find what he’s looking for, he starts to realize that Hannah may be stalking him as well when she turns the tables on him, showing up unannounced to his apartment. At first this seemed like a great angle to play, but I find myself growing a little bored with their relationship. Unfortunately for me it looks like Hannah will be sticking around as they eventually hook up in the end.

Meanwhile LaGuerta’s investigation into Bay Harbor seems to be unrelenting as she comes up with the idea to look into other accused who have disappeared in light of the fact that whatever she was looking for last week didn’t pan out. This leads her to Jordan Chase, the big bad of season five who, together with his cronies would torture blond girls, then electrocute them in barrels and dispose of their bodies. LaGuerta shares this idea with Deb, who now finds herself back into the thick of Dexter’s activities, somewhere she has already expressed she doesn’t want to be. When Deb confronts Dexter with these new theories Dexter cops to the murders and tries to convince Deb he will not be caught. Deb starts to put two and two together and realizes that Dexter was acting with and Hooking up with Lumen, right after Rita’s murder. Though I liked seeing how Deb’s detective mind works, and I know she’s no fool, she put the whole thing together way too fast. Dexter didn’t even stand a chance here. It’s also funny to see how Deb becomes even more disgusted with Dexter with each new revelation she has about his past activities. I also like these strolls down memory lane with the writers of Dexter bringing back all the past acts that we are all familiar with.

Issak is finding himself up the creek without a paddle very quickly while in jail. He’s almost attacked by some Columbian gangsters that were affiliated with the guys he killed in the bar. Though he is more than capable of handling himself on the inside, he calls for help to get released sooner, realizing that killing on the inside would not be a good look for an accused murderer trying to beat a case. This revelation was funny to me and sort of reminded me of Rorschach in the Watchmen going to prison and making the ‘I’m not trapped in here with them, they’re trapped in here with me’. These guys may steer clear of Issak for now, but there’s no way that lasts for long.

A new face hits Miami Metro in the form of crime author and investigator Sal Price. Price is in town looking into Hannah McKay, having the very same suspicions that Dexter is having. Dexter breaks into Sal’s place to see what he has on Hannah. While going through his files Dexter makes a comment about coming back to see what Sal has on the Bay Harbor Butcher. I would’ve loved to see a physical file with a Bay Harbor label on it. Sal also has his eye on Deb, who’s advances she spurns at first, but succumbs after a talk with Batista where he laments the state of his life and she realizes she’s in the exact same boat. Over drinks Sal starts to let Deb in on his theories about Hannah, which could mean big trouble for Dexter since he’s been the hiding the same info from Deb, and to make matters worse, Dexter is now hooking up with Hannah instead of killing her.

Quinn helps get rid of the evidence that has Issak behind bars after George, the runner of the Foxhole, threatens to do bad things to Quinn’s squeeze Nadia. Oh my god! Quinn is such an idiot! Now you’re going to risk your career and your freedom for a damn stripper, come on man! This week Quinn cements himself as the stupidest character on all of TV. I so hope that he gets busted for this and ends up taking the vacant space in jail that’s occupied by Issak once he’s released. Quinn is one of those idiots that seems to bumble his way through life from one stupid incident to another amazingly coming out of each unscathed so he never learns is lessons.

This episode started off pretty strong. Everything was working pretty well, then towards the end things started to slow down a lot. The stuff with Batista talking with his sister only to have her lambast him over his impulsiveness was mainly just filler and only ended up slowing things down dramatically. Man, what a real b**ch she was, the girl who was hooking up with Louis Green doesn’t have the right to judge anybody in my opinion. Once he gets back to the station and talks with Deb it seemed like all of it was put in to make Deb realize she needs some connectivity with a person who isn’t dead or Dexter. That was a long way to go just to get Deb on a date. A scenario that I didn’t real care about except to see if Sal would indeed start letting Deb in on his Hannah McKay findings. Then there was the scene at the end with Dexter putting Hannah on a slab, only to release her and start getting it on with her. I understand that this thing with Hannah needs to be drawn out for the whole season, but I’m kind of getting over her. Though I knew it wouldn’t happen, I was really hoping he was going to drive his knife through her. Him hooking up with her seems like the kind of irresponsible thing that is more up Quinn’s alley than Dexter’s. Given some of the scenes that slowed down the pace of this episode, I have to take some nerds away. If not for the Batista scenes and the Deb needing a date ploy this would’ve been another great episode. Oh well, let’s see where next week takes us.

3 out of 5 nerds

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