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TV REVIEW: FTN reviews Dexter SO7EO7 Chemistry

November 12th, 2012 by Christopher Williams Comments

Dexter gets closer to Hannah and starts to evolve…emotions. Sal Price gets closer to finding the truth about Hannah. Isaak gets closer to his freedom. LaGuerta gets closer to finding the Bay Harbor Butcher and Quinn gets closer to stupid.

It looks like the writers of Dexter have decided its time for Dexter to evolve. What new road are they taking their anti-hero down? Emotions. That’s right, after Dexter letting us know season after season that the one thing he is incapable of is love, what does he go and do? He starts to fall in love with Hannah. I’m not going to say I’m completely surprised that Dex would fall for Hannah, but it does seem a bit strange to see him look at her with those schoolboy crush glances. Only one problem here, Sal Price shows up to crash the party when he spies Dexter dropping off Hannah after their initial liaison. This gives Sal a strong motive as to why Dexter’s blood reports on the Randall hotel killings don’t match up with what Price’s tests found. This becomes a problem for Dexter and Hannah, a problem they both decide needs solving, but in two different ways.

LaGuerta seems to be banging her head against the figurative wall after she hits a dead end with her Bay Harbor investigation. After talking it through with Deb, Deb convinces her to drop the search, an act, which Deb feels, will land her in hell. I have to agree, I felt a slight twinge of bad for LaGuerta getting manipulated like that, but hey, it’s her brother, what’s a girl to do. Meanwhile the blood evidence keeping Serko in jail is now discovered to be missing. Mahsoka instantly reaches for the inside job theory and Batista backs him up. This can’t be good for Quinn.  At least I hope not as he always seems to bumble his way out of one problem to the next. This week he finds himself in over his head with the Kashkas as he starts to realize once they have their hooks in you they don’t let go. This better pay off with a dead Quinn down the line.

Thanks to our said idiot detective Isaak soons finds himself back on the streets and picking his bone with Dexter. This season finds Dexter’s actions so transparent that Isaak is on to his alter ego as well. Their showdown at the restaurant was quite interesting as Dexter starts to get caught up in the heat and divulges one too many details to Isaak about Viktor’s death which makes this even more personal for Isaak. Dexter poked the bear a way too much, but of course Dexter won’t die so I’m not too worried here for him.

Sal Price finds himself in a sticky situation here as he has drawn the ire of not one, but two serial killers, can’t say I envy the guy. While Sal interviews Hannah at her house, Dexter breaks into Sal’s house to collect DNA so he can use it to blackmail his way out of the heat Sal is bringing down on him and Hannah. Dexter also decides to do Hannah a solid and get rid of all the work Sal has done on Hannah’s case. Back at Hannah’s Sal gets her to open up about what really happened with the slaughtered hotel couple. How funny was it to see Sal turndown Hannah’s offer of lemonade. Meanwhile Deb exhumes the body of Hannah’s deceased husband to test for her poison of choice, aconite. Problem is Hannah’s one smart cookie and has made sure there would be no tissue left to test by forgoing embalming the body.

As smart as Sal is he discovers he wasn’t smart enough, while at Dexter’s he gets a heart attack and dies in …smashing fashion? Turns out Hannah dosed his pen, which he likes to chew on obsessively. Of course this only brings two psychopaths like Dexter and Hannah even closer. As it turns out this becomes even more problematic for Dexter as Deb finds herself without a way to pin Sal’s murder on Hannah. With only one method of retribution left, she calls Dexter to ask that he put Hannah on his table. I didn’t care too much to see Dexter get into yet another relationship, but I must admit, this angle makes it way more interesting. Then there’s LaGuerta, whom we all know wasn’t just going to drop her inquiry in the Bay Harbor Butcher. Going through some reports she zeros in on Dexter. This plot point just turned into the most interesting one running this season.

Chemistry delivers a decent episode of all kinds of cat and mouse games running all throughout. My only concern here is that there were so many sub plots going it could be hard to keep up. Some also suffer for this like the Batista buying a restaurant thread. I’ve always liked Batista, though he exhibits brilliance in the field I find it ironic that he never sniffs out what’s going on in his own department, but do we really care about his lofty retirement plans. I was kind of hoping they would drop that, but instead they expanded on it and got Quinn involved. This can only mean things will go horribly wrong for Batista. I’m hoping that eventually the writers will start to focus in more on main plots, as this episode seemed a bit scattered at times. I think they should have subtitled this episode ADHD, but overall most of it worked so I won’t grade this one low, but it could have scored higher with more focus.

3 out of 5

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