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TV REVIEW: FTN reviews Dexter SO7EO8 Argentina

November 22nd, 2012 by Christopher Williams Comments

Isaak and Dexter have their most interesting moments of the season. Dexter’s kids come home. Debra finds out about Dexter and Hannah. Quinn is in over his head with the Kashkas and LaGuerta is getting closer to the true identity of the Bay Harbor Butcher.

First off, let me apologize for the tardiness of this review, my work schedule changed up this week so I had to delay my Dexter watching a few days. Next week’s review will also be coming a bit later in the week as well, but will return to normal after that. This week there was a lot of hinting at just needing to escape. Whether it was Hannah’s dreams of Argentina or Astor’s vices, everyone is just looking for a way to get away from it all. Dexter has some breakfast with Hannah where they talk about her teenage fantasies of escaping to Argentina where it slips that the Miami Metro lieutenant gunning for Hannah is also Dexter’s sister. I found it odd that this connection wasn’t realized sooner since cops like to have their last names prominent. Uh, Hannah, Debra MORGAN, hello? Dexter meets up with Debra and gives her an Oscar worthy speech about how learning about Dexter’s secret life is starting to eat away her too much and that he won’t kill Hannah at her request because he’s looking out for Debra’s soul. We the viewers know better than that, but poor Deb, she buys it hook, line and sinker.

So Isaak has been driven so far off the cliff over Viktor’s death that he’s now resorting to tactics made famous by my hometown of Los Angeles, CA; the drive-by. While Dexter is busy picking up a dozen at the local donut shop, Isaak is outside taking shots at Dex from his car. Lucky for Dexter he drops his cell phone just in time to avoid the volley of shots. One thing I hate about TV is how crappy everybody eats while still maintaining optimum fitness; damn I wish I could be eating donuts everyday. Meanwhile Rita’s father is having a medical emergency requiring surgery, which means, Dexter gets all the kids back, Harrison AND Astor and Cody. What perfect timing, right? I was confused by this move, as I didn’t see the point of adding the kids to the mix in a season that has more then enough plotlines to go around. There better be a huge payoff to bringing the kids back other then it fills airtime. He also finds out that, even though Deb’s bloodlust for Hannah has passed, her obsession with Sal Price’s killer hasn’t. Deb plans to stalk Hannah and just make her life miserable.

On the other side of town, LaGuerta is busy running down a lead she has on the Bay Harbor Butcher, leads which bring her right to the marina where Dexter used to dock his boat. By the end of the episode she stumbles upon Dexter’s boat at it’s current docking position. Damn Maria, you might have to go. Though Dexter isn’t one to kill those around him, so he may come up with one of his clever plans to throw LaGuerta off his scent, but Maria is like a pit bull when it comes to an investigation. It may actually take a kill to get Dexter out of this one.

Astor, Cody and Harrison reunite with Papa Dex at Batista’s new restaurant where, after a sibling argument, Cody totally snitches on Astor’s weed habit. What a little dick. If I was Astor I would’ve beat the crap out of Cody, but Dexter seems to take it well, having a little chat where he tries to relate to her weed smoking with his need to be a serial killer, cause, you know, its kind of the same thing. I was really glad that he took the more understanding route though because mainstream people always have this strange attitude about smoking some herb, “Stop smoking that natural plant that relaxes you, is known to have medicinal qualities and makes comedies that much funnier! Here take this Adderol, Paxil and Wellbutrin combination instead.” Yeah, I don’t understand the point of psychological pharmacology either.

George calls in to the heads of the Kashka Brotherhood, seems he has had enough of Isaak’s vendetta against Dexter and is looking to put an end to it, permanently. He also gets Quinn back on board with his plans by blackmailing Quinn using a recording he made of the two of them chatting about Quinn stealing the evidence used to put Isaak in jail. Oh Quinn…yeah, you’re a moron.

Dexter also heads over to Viktor’s apartment where Isaak has been staying to get rid of the threat Isaak poses. That’s when he runs into a hit man who is there for the same purpose, but on behalf of George. Dexter takes him out quite easily, slitting his throat. Once Miami Metro is on the scene we are treated to a delightful scene where Isaak goads Dexter, insisting that Dexter use his expert training to run down the murder scene. Isaak’s taunting manner of speech was great being the only other guy in the room who knew exactly what happened at Viktor’s apartment.

Dexter heads over to Deb’s to check in on the kids, and in doing so, Deb figures out that he and Hannah have been carrying on a relationship. In the ensuing argument Deb lets slip that she was (or may still be) in love with Dexter. Yeah, they decided to bring the creepiest plot point from last season. Dexter doesn’t really know how to handle this new information, seeming confused. If this had come out last season I don’t know how Dexter would’ve taken that, probably with an empty stare, but given that Hannah has showed him what love means, this revelation seemed to really hit Dexter. Of course we all know that Dexter can’t feel that kind of thing for Deb because she doesn’t serial kill people, but it was interesting to see his reaction nonetheless. This also serves to drive Dexter into a tizzy, and what does Dexter do when he’s in a tizzy? That’s right, he kills someone.

Dexter decides its time for Isaak to go, tracking him down to a very sharp looking bar. He goes in and, finding Isaak at the bar, sits down and has a drink with the man. Looking around, Dexter realizes they are in a high end gay bar, and Isaak reveals to Dexter that he and Viktor were lovers, very close lovers. Isaak explains to that Dexter took from him the only thing in his life that mattered, and now Dexter understands why Isaak has taken this so personally. Isaak also talks about wanting to get away from everything and retire in a paradise in a moment of understanding and connection with Dexter. They are both people bound by secrets after all, Dexter being who he is and Isaak being a gay man living in a world where that kind of thing can get you killed. I really loved this scene and how they closed it out with Isaak stating that if things had been different he and Dexter might’ve been good friends. Indeed they seem to have an understanding of each other now that Dexter doesn’t find in his daily life aside from Hannah.

The closing montage was great too with Astor sitting outside smoking a joint and Debra taking it from her, only to take a deep toke herself. I must say, I was quite jealous as that is an activity I haven’t partaken of in some time. We also see Dexter being driven back into Hannah’s arms and LaGuerta zeroing in on Dexter. What an excellent episode. The many reveals we got this week were sizzling to say the least and with all the many cards on the table between the different characters it seems like things will have to come to a head soon. This week’s episode also seemed more focused than last week, there were still a bunch of plots at play here, but they were presented in a more concise manner than last week, which at times seemed jumbled and rushed as it packed too much into one show. This week all the different plots played nicely with each other rather than compete for airtime. Things really heated up this week and it can only get hotter from here.

4.5 out of 5 nerds

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