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TV REVIEW: FTN reviews The Walking Dead SO3EO2 Sick

October 23rd, 2012 by Christopher Williams Comments


The group try to save Herschel and try to deal with a group of prisoner survivors. Carl is growing up too fast and Carol is insecure at the prospect of having to deliver Lori’s baby with Herschel seemingly on the sidelines. Seriously, that was it, but man did this episode pack a lot of punch for a pretty straightforward plot. 

While the group tries to get Herschel quickly back to their cell block home they encounter a group of prisoners who have been shut away for the last 10 months unaware of all the events happening in the world. As far as they knew the walker outbreak was a simple prison riot that caused their fellow inmates and guards to die, come back to life and become cannibals. Simple, right? In a heated confrontation Rick explains to them that the world they once knew is gone forever. No more phones, computers, government, banks and most likely; their families. An alpha starts to step forward from the prisoners in the form of Tomas, a murderer who somehow thinks his .38 will handle Rick’s group of guns and crossbows. I thought it was pretty comical to see Tomas continually brandish that tiny revolver believing he would accomplish scaring Rick in the face of Daryl’s crossbow and T-Dog’s .45. Upon realizing they have no where to go the prisoners strike a deal with Rick for half their food in exchange for Rick and company helping them to clear out a cell block all their own.

Meanwhile the ladies are back at the cells trying to stop Herschel’s stump from bleeding out. They are clearly panicked and Maggie starts to give up hope that her father will be saved. She has a great emotional scene where she tells an unconscious Herschel that it’s okay to let go. Props to Lauren Cohan for a super emotional scene done very well. The tears dripping down into her nose really sold me on this heartbreaking moment. Too bad it was ruined two seconds later when the show goes to commercial and Chris Hardwick pops up exclaiming how gross Herschel’s bloody stump was in a truly jackass ruin the tender moment way. Good job AMC for lining up that commercial right after an emotional scene.

Elsewhere the guys are attempting to help the prisoners secure their own cell block. After a quick training session on taking out walkers and not breaking formation, they encounter their first group of walkers. What do the prisoners do? Proceed to break formation and deliver a prison style beat down on the walkers. It was so hilarious to see these guys shanking the walkers in the chest and stomp them out while Rick and T-Dog just look at each other in a true WTF moment. So after a quick retraining session the prisoners seem to get with the program. All except Tomas that is who has ideas of own which include taking out Rick as well as the walkers. Big mistake. Tomas explains it away with a “sh** happens” and Rick kindly accepts his explanation in the form of a machete to Tomas’s skull. I loved this moment because the whole time I was thinking this Tomas dude needs to go as he was a clear threat to Rick and his Ricktatorship. In a key scene earlier Rick was talking this situation over with Lori and discussed the fact that these guys might need to go. Lori backed him up but Rick doesn’t buy Lori’s support since last season she talked Rick into killing Shane then quickly judged Rick as a murderer once the deed was done. Rick nor the fans have  forgiven Lori for that. With Tomas out of the way the two remaining prisoners quickly get on board with Rick’s program and are treated to their very own cell block full of dead walkers that were once their friends and fellow prisoners.

Carol, being nervous talks Glenn into helping her get a walker cadaver for her to practice c-sections on since Herschel is down and won’t be able to help deliver her baby. The only point to this scene was to show us that there is someone or something outside of the prison keeping a close eye on the group. I hated this because they never reveal who this was or even give us a quick glimpse. That makes me mad to no end. All I know is that better go somewhere and payoff in the end or I will be pissed. (Mad, not drunk, for all our UK readers.)

One thing I loved in this episode was Carl really stepping his game up. Sure he’s just a kid, but in the world that he lives in he’s had to grow up fast. In the prison he strikes out on his own, finds the infirmary, returns with medical supplies to help Herschel and when Lori gets mad at him for going out on his own he says it’s no big deal and nonchalantly stated that killed two walkers. All in a days work for any 12 year old. Carl is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters and reminds me a lot of Jimmie from Falling Skies. One last note, how about that scene where Lori is delivering CPR to Herschel and he wakes up and grabs her. That was hands down the scariest moment ever on this show. I know I was screaming pretty loudly and it took me a minute to gather myself. I mean, we all saw it coming, but raise your hand if you jumped anyway.  I read a tweet from someone where he talked about almost throwing his kid from his lap and across the room when that happened. I could totally see that. It was one hell of a moment. Then of course in the end Herschel manages to awaken so it looks like he’ll be okay for now. This is one episode that really delivered. I thought there was no way last week’s episode would be topped. Boy was I wrong.

5 out of 5 nerds
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