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TV REVIEW: FTN reviews The Walking Dead SO3EO3 Walk With Me

October 29th, 2012 by Christopher Williams Comments


A military helicopter crash near Andrea and Michonne piques their interest as well as those of an armed group of men later revealed to be The Governor and his men. After being discovered by a long thought to be dead Merle, Andrea and Michonne are taken back to The Governor’s town of Woodbury along with the lone survivor of the chopper crash. In Woodbury Andrea and Michonne discover a rebuilding of civilization. While Andrea rediscovers hope for the future, Michonne only discovers more people to mistrust.

After a couple of great episodes I knew there would have to be some slower ones to fill out the plot more, I was just hoping it wouldn’t be so soon. Not that this was a bad episode by any means, but after the tension experienced in the first two with Rick and crew securing the prison, it was kind of a bummer to have a Ricktatorship free episode. Being that I love the character of Rick so much, it was kind of like watching a Young Justice that doesn’t feature Nightwing (my favorite YJ character).

This week’ episode was huge in a few ways though. First of all we finally found out what become of Merle! After Rick and company found an empty cuff and his hand left behind on the rooftop in Atlanta from the first season, I have been wondering this whole time what became of him. I knew he couldn’t be dead and that he would be ripe for a return eventually. I’m just surprised that it took so long. How bad assed was his hand bayonet rig?! I loved the over the shoulder kill he performed on that walker without looking. After that we all get introduced to The Governor finally. It was funny how Andrea and Michonne both approached him in an opposite way. It paralleled exactly how my wife and I felt about him while watching. As The Governor introduced them to his utopia of Woodbury Andrea began to feel hope at the prospect of rebuilding society. My wife loved the town and began to echo the hope Andrea was feeling. I on the other hand fell in step with Michonne as I did not trust The Governor one bit and felt the situation of Woodbury was just too good to be true. Keep in mind too that we haven’t read the comics so we had no idea what to expect while being introduced to Woodbury.

My suspicions would prove to be correct. The lone survivor of the copter crash tells The Governor about the rest of his unit waiting to hear back from. He was a scout looking for a way to maneuver his convoy around a blocked road. The Governor promises him he will find the man’s unit and bring them to the safety of Woodbury. When they find the lost unit The Governor instead decides to execute them all as he and his men rain bullets down on the unsuspecting military unit. This move essentially seemed to be so that The Governor could take their supplies, but I suspect having an actual military unit among his men might threaten to destabilize the authority he’s worked so hard to build. A man like that thrives off of control of others, if that control were ever to be lost I could see him doing some pretty damaging things to those around him. This will be particularly interesting once he crosses paths with the Ricktator. I’m thinking we will see an all out clash of alpha males as The Governor tries to tell Rick what the score is and Rick after having the leadership role for so long won’t take too kindly to it, ultimately questioning The Governor himself.

At first I thought The Governor’s science pal, Milton, was a bit creepy. The way he was explaining how Michonne had trained her walkers seemed like he enjoyed the research a little bit too much. He also seemed to have a second in command type role having The Governor’s ear in most matters. Maybe not second in command, but The Governor does seem to hold Milton’s opinions in high regard. I thought Milton was creepy…until the Governor introduced us to his little aquarium showcase at the end. What the hell was that all about? He seems to be a disturbed individual. His need for control was definitely a sign that he wasn’t all there (come on, a curfew?!), but I never imagined something like what we were treated to at the end. I understand there’s no TV anymore but damn!

This was definitely a good episode but I did sorely miss all the action and tension of this season so far. Everything felt too safe and that’s not why we watch this show. I need some danger and good scares. I did enjoy ‘Walk With Me’, but I’ll be glad to get back to Rick and his group. We know they will cross paths with Woodbury soon enough, and that will easily make for some good TV. A reunion between Daryl and Merle is long over due, but I’m also afraid that Merle will try to turn Daryl against Rick. Daryl has been such a great member of the group and one of its biggest assets. I would hate to see that dynamic change, though I would suspect that once The Governor’s true colors are shown that it would solidify Daryl’s allegiance to Rick and his new family. While not the most exciting episode this season, I still managed to enjoy it.

3.5 out of 5 nerds

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