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TV REVIEW: FTN reviews The Walking Dead SO3EO4 Killer Within

November 5th, 2012 by Christopher Williams Comments


A mysterious figure is loose in the prison setting up disaster for our heroes.  Back in Woodbury Michonne finds more reasons not tot trust The Governor. Andrea helps Merle with some information that may help him locate Daryl.  As the two remaining prisoners try to join Rick’s group, all hell breaks loose in the prison and there appears to be a new cast member.

Oh wow, this one by far the most gripping and intense episode of the season and possibly the show. It seems Andrew, one of the prisoners thought to be dead, was none to happy about Rick not letting him back into the prison so he sets about a plan to fill the prison with walkers by cutting the chains locking the walkers out and setting up bait all around. Man, what a jerk! They tried to keep his identity under wraps through most of the show to build suspense, but come on, whom else could it be. The mysterious figure was shown to be wearing prison rags so it was pretty obvious, if it had been a new prisoner then the reveal would be way less effective.

Michonne seems to be onto The Governor, let’s face it she’s no fool. Using some pretty decent investigative techniques she’s able to figure out that his story involving find the lost military unit dead is not holding water. Clearly Michonne used to watch Law & Order before the zombie apocalypse. I liked the fact that she’s putting the pieces together, I just wish she could make Andrea see the truth as well. I really hate that stubborn character that just won’t listen to reason simply because the other person is acting off of gut instinct. If Michonne’s gut is telling you to bounce then you get the heck out of there. Andrea is starting to remind me of all the guys on 24 who ran CTU and think they know more than Jack Bauer. Nobody knows more than Jack Bauer. It also seems like Merle might begin to suspect The Governor might not be the most straight-laced guy as well. Andrea gives Merle the location of Herschel’s farm where the group, including Daryl, were all holed up last season. Of course Merle wants to go out and find his brother, but The Governor tries to talk Merle out of it. The way Merle was talking to seemed like he was buying into the B.S. The Governor was trying to feed him. Did anyone else notice the twitchy face of The Governor as he was telling Merle searching for Daryl was useless? Was that really great acting or just how David Morrisey’s face moves?

The two remaining prisoners try in vain to join Rick’s group, T-Dog being the only one who wants to give these guys a chance. That’s when the stuff hits the fan! Walkers start to invade the courtyard, the prison alarms go off attracting more walkers and Rick’s group all scramble to various parts of the prison for safety. Rick takes a group, including the prisoners, to find the generators so they can shut off the alarm. While trying to close off the fences T-Dog suffers from a super nasty bite on the shoulder. Then while helping Carol to safety T-Dog finds himself on the losing end of a fistfight with two walkers. I had a big problem with this since I’m not really fond of Carol, T-Dog should’ve thrown her to the wolves and escaped, but since he was a goner anyway, I understood. However I have seemed to notice that there is a pattern for taking out black characters on TV and in movies. First, they must endear him to the audience; we won’t care about his death if we don’t like him. Second, the black character’s death is always in an act of sacrifice saving a white person. Think about it, Bubba in Forrest Gump, the black guy who guest starred on Burn Notice last season. Even freaking Jazz in Transformers. He was clearly a black character and he dies saving the white guy robot Optimus. Just an observation that I had though, what can I say, I like patterns.

Maggie, Carl and Lori find themselves trapped within the prison and it appears this baby is on its way out, but all is not well as Lori starts hemorrhage while trying to push the baby out. Upon reaching the generators it’s revealed that Andrew was the cause for the walker prison riot and he dukes it out with Rick. As Rick loses his gun, Oscar, one of the prisoners, picks it up and takes aim. Andrew starts to plead with Oscar to shoot Rick, but we all know that’s not about to happen. Oscar blasts Andrew and hands the gun over to Rick. Great choice for Oscar since there is an opening for a black guy in Rick’s group. How funny was Daryl’s pose during this tense moment too? I understand he’s battle ready, but he looked a little silly. Meanwhile Maggie prepares to deliver Lori’s baby via C-section while Lori has a super heartfelt goodbye with Carl, realizing that she won’t survive the delivery. Maggie does the deed and pulls out the baby. As a father I was saddened as the baby came out not breathing and then gasped audibly in relief as Maggie got the baby to start breathing. At this point Lori is gone and Carl and Maggie look at each other knowing what must be done next.

This moment is all about Carl as he decides he must be the one to make sure Lori doesn’t come back as a walker. My god, Carl as taken a serious transformation this season and the flashback from last season where he has a talk with Rick about how he’ll have to kill people he knows and loves was a perfect little device to get Carl enough courage to do the deed. The single shot fired as we see Maggie walking away was one of the hardest moments to deal with on this show. This whole scene was some of the best writing to come out of the Walking Dead since the show’s beginning. It also cemented Carl as my favorite character on the show. The way he has gone from a liability to one of the most hardened members of the group is simply brilliant. I felt bad for Rick as Carl and Maggie return with baby but without Lori. The way he simply fell apart was sad, and the fact that he was so grief stricken he couldn’t even say a comforting word to Carl was well done. Of course Carl didn’t look like he needed any comforting, though I would’ve liked to see him put an arm around Rick acting as the parent himself.

With these new developments within the group I simply cannot wait another week to find out the repercussions of everything that took place this week. The previews show Rick starting to lose it after Lori’s death, I just hope his insanity is short lived or we may need Carl to become the leader of the group. I absolutely loved, loved, loved last night’s episode and can’t imagine how any of that will topped. Walking Dead, you never cease to surprise and amaze me this season, let’s hope that this pace can be maintained throughout the rest of this season’s run.

5 out of 5 nerds

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