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TV REVIEW: FTN reviews The Walking Dead SO3EO5 Say The Word

November 12th, 2012 by Christopher Williams Comments

Rick loses it for an hour following Lori’s death. The group rallies around the baby. Michonne has finally had enough of Woodbury and Andrea regrets not trusting Michonne’s instincts.

Man, poor Rick. After the loss of Lori this guy has completely lost his marbles. Given that Rick and Lori haven’t really been a couple all season I find it kind of odd that he is taking her loss so roughly. I would expect some mourning but what I didn’t expect was for psycho Rick to show up and go on a one-man wrecking crew mission to find her find her body. The look in his eyes when he forced Glen up against the wall was priceless. I thought it was a nice touch to have him temporarily go mute for this episode, that really drive home his insanity. Everything he needed to say shone through in his eyes. It was a good thing he went in to as we discover that Carl’s off screen shooting of Lori was just a ruse. I wish that it hadn’t played out that way because Carl putting a bullet in his mom resonated with me and I thought it would be a key moment of character development. Instead this was like taking a step back. I have to mention that my wife called the ruse and never believed Carl did the deed, good job love.

While Rick goes insane the rest of the group pull together to help the baby. Daryl takes the lead and also takes Maggie on a mission to procure baby formula. I loved Daryl in this episode. The guy has a soft side and I’m beginning to suspect his backstory may have included family man at one point. Seeing Daryl clear out that abandoned daycare center with that doll in his hand was also a nice little touch, Daryl is a thoughtful guy. The scene did play up some tension but I thought it was also nice to see the daycare was clear of walkers. We all expected one to pop out at any moment and I’m glad the writers went the other way with it, though that opossum did look like he meant business. Seeing Daryl play the proud papa role and feeding the baby gives us a reminder that Daryl is just full of badassery, Daryl loves the kids too. Seeing his drive to not lose any more group members makes me think maybe he should lead the crew while Rick is on a mental hiatus. Seeing Daryl visit Carol’s grave was another touching moment though I’m kind of glad she’s gone, but it showed that he truly did care for her. I didn’t realize that Carol had bit the dust and that just made poor T-Dog’s death that much more meaningless. Glen and Herschel have a heart to heart about T-Dog, which gave us a glimpse into a guy who was actually really caring and selfless. The brief chat was nice too as Glen and Herschel have a father-son in law moment showing how the recent losses are affecting those not named Rick.

This week Michonne takes the investigator role a bit further and decides to poke around the Governor’s pad. Retrieving her katana she finds a list of names in a book then looks around an industrial area to discover some captive walkers. Getting her katana practice on she releases them from their cage and then puts in an end to all of them in an awesomely brutal scene. I tend to be quite…verbal when watching TV, but not my wife, so when Michonne stomped on that one walker’s head and my wife gasped out loud that sealed it as an awesome scene.

The Governor confronts her in a makeshift interrogation room and offers her a job on his “research team”, an offer she declines by pulling a sick spinning move retrieving her katana from the Governor’s hands and pulling the blade to his throat all in one move. This was by far one of the coolest moments on the show and put the Governor on notice that he’s dealing with some bum here, not only can Michonne swing the sword; she appears to have advanced training before the apocalypse. She also calls out the Governor for harboring his undead daughter in the quaint little town. I liked the look of surprise on his face when she did this; yes Governor, she knows too much.

Having seen enough, Michonne packs up her bags and tries to convince Andrea to leave with her. Once again Andrea shows she doesn’t trust in Michonne as much as she should and actually starts to believe that maybe Michonne is the crazy one. I understand Andrea’s need to want that stability in her life in light of all she’s been through, but I have a rule of thumb, don’t trust in what someone lets you see and always be suspicious of what they AREN’T showing you. After Michonne leaves and Andrea stays behind, Andrea quickly learns about my rule of thumb as she is finally introduced to the gladiator pit the town has set up consisting of two fighters having it out surrounded by chained up walkers. The Governor seems to think he is some kind of Caesar and this is his Coliseum. Seeing the town all rage as Merle fights it out with another town member was quite disturbing, made all the more so when a dad hoists his cheering son into his shoulders as if it were the Electrical Light Parade at Disneyland. Andrea shares my disgust and refuses to accept any of the Governor’s explanations for this ritual as they were all pretty weak as he seemingly tried to glance over the town’s behavior. Andrea wasn’t buying it and I ain’t either. I bet now she wishes she could catch up with Michonne.  What else can I say about this show other then if you’re not watching it you are doing yourself a disservice. The character interactions are so well done and actually are the focus of the show rather than the zombie apocalypse. This is storytelling at its finest.

4 out of 5 nerds
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