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TV REVIEW: FTN reviews The Walking Dead SO3EO6 Hounded

November 19th, 2012 by Christopher Williams Comments

Merle leads a team to hunt down Michonne. Rick still hasn’t come to his senses. Glenn and Maggie go out for supplies and run into an old friend. The Governor and Andrea get it on. Daryl makes a startling discovery and Michonne finds the prison.

First off, let me start with a point of correction to my last week’s review. Turns out I was completely wrong about Carl not shooting Lori and her coming back as a walker. The walker that Rick was gutting last week was instead a walker who feasted on a deceased Lori. I didn’t notice the bones in his throat that were apparently Lori’s, and I didn’t realize that walkers would need to rest up after consuming large meals. Thanks to @ed_pool, @TheNew53 and Mr. Owen Quinn for pointing this out to me. Okay, now onto our present episode.

We start off with Merle leading a hunting party in search of Michonne. I didn’t really understand the need to have Michonne dead, but this plot did lead to some very interesting scenes, so I’m glad it happened. Merle decides to taunt her into exposing her position with a,” What are you going to do? Jump out down from the trees and slice us up with your pig-sticker?!” Well yes Merle, that’s exactly what she’ll do as she jumped out and took down two of his team. Insert big laugh here, oh Merle, you’re such an ass. She then swiftly escapes after taking a bullet in the leg, and Merle has to motivate his remaining team member to man up. During a second encounter with Merle and “Neil”, the three are attacked by a small group of walkers. Michonne slices one open and finds herself covered in walker guts. Merle and his charge take down the remaining walkers but find that Michonne has escaped in the melee. Merle wants to head back and lie about killing Michonne, seeing her as someone who is as good as dead anyhow, but his subordinate disagrees saying he doesn’t want to lie to the Governor. Merle shows his disagreement by putting a bullet into his man’s head. Poor bastard, we all saw this coming and he should have too. Never trust Merle, especially when he’s acting nice.

We pick up with Rick who is on the phone after receiving a call at the end of last week’s episode. He seems to have been contacted by a woman who has found a safe harbor and Rick wants in. I can understand the need to build a community, such as Andrea’s need to be in Woodbury, but the prison seems like a safe location to me. I don’t really understand Rick’s thinking here wanting to move his group yet again when they seemed to have found sanctuary. After a brief conversation, the woman hangs up and says she will call back after discussing Rick’s request with her group. Rick checks in with his group, Glenn and Maggie head out for supplies and Daryl leads a few group members to clear out the lower levels of the cell block.

Andrea starts to get close with the Governor after having a conversation about the gladiator style fights Woodbury has been hosting. Andrea reveals its not so much the fight that made her uncomfortable as much as it was that she actually enjoyed them. Big surprise here right? We saw last season how she and Shane were made for each other as he helped her discover her inner militant. Turns out that she never lost that even though she lost Shane. I didn’t like militant Andrea last season and am not looking forward to her making a return. I guess she also has a penchant for men with a few loose screws as we see her and the Governor start to become an item. Of course we know that the Governor makes Shane look like a Nobel Peace Prize candidate. Andrea also asks to man the wall of Woodbury and is placed on duty with Hannah, the town’s resident archer. When a walker attacks Hannah decides to show off her archery skills and instead only manages to show that she sucks at archery. Andrea takes matters into her own hands, jumping down from the wall and knifing the walker. She gets admonished for this, like I said, Andrea is crazy. Of course she is product of the world she now lives in, but it’s sad to see her slip this way as opposed to a character like Carl, who manages stoicism about his transformation rather than open bloodlust.

Michonne wanders through the woods a bit and makes a discovery that being covered in walker guts may just make travels easier as she is passed by a group of walkers that didn’t even know that she was there. I loved this little nod back to season one where Rick and Glenn made their way through a huge crowd of walkers by covering themselves in walker guts and mimicking their dragging walk. Michonne soon finds herself in a small town and spies Glenn and Maggie pulling up to a general store on their search for supplies. As Glenn and Maggie load up, they are confronted by Merle. Holy crap, the look on Glenn’s face was priceless. Merle asks Glenn if Daryl was alive and if they would take him to Daryl. Merle gets real nice with Glenn, so you already know what that means. Glenn refuses and instead tells him he’ll fetch Daryl and they can meet up in the town. Merle, not too happy with Glenn’s counteroffer, goes for a hidden gun and the bullets start flying. Before Glenn knows it, Merle has Maggie with a gun to her head demanding Glenn lay down his gun. I had a problem with Glenn giving in and dropping his gun. Look, I understand, a crazy man has a gun to your woman’s head, but come on. First off, if Merle shoots Maggie then he loses all his leverage against Glenn and probably ends up dead too, I think Glenn had a pretty good shot on Merle too. Second, if you give in to Merle, he’s probably going to put you into situation that his worse than one your currently in with him. Of course Glenn didn’t have time to run these scenarios in his head and doesn’t have the training to just act without thinking like a police officer would so I do cut him some slack there.

Daryl meanwhile is clearing out the lower levels of the prison with Carl and Oscar. Carl and Daryl have a bit of a bonding moment with Daryl telling Carl how his mom died, trying to relate to Carl’s recent loss of his mother. That’s when Carl tells Daryl about how he shot his mom, which I think gave Daryl a new found respect for the kid. After finding a walker with Carol’s knife stuck in it’s throat, Daryl starts to get a bit Rickish here, as if being confronted by reality with Carol’s death. Has he sits around and gets a little Deer Hunter with a knife, he discovers Carol…still alive! I never really cared for Carol that much so I was pretty much unaffected by her death, but for Daryl’s sake, I’m glad she is alive. Though they better seal their deal now, no more of the sexual tension stuff from here on out. Got that Walking Dead writing staff?

Rick continues to field phone calls from this mystery group and it turns out, Rick is still crazy! The calls are his imagination playing tricks on him as it’s revealed that the calls are coming from his dead friends. Well played Walking Dead, though we probably should’ve known that all along as there are no more phones, something Rick pointed out to Oscar earlier in the season. This does help him get a bit of closure for Lori’s death as the last call is from Lori telling Rick she loves him, but he has Carl and a new baby to look after. Finally being woken up from his trance, he goes on to cradle his new baby and accept the situation for what it is. That’s when Rick notices something in the distance among the walkers surrounding the prison, Michonne alive and well, and carrying the baby items that Glenn and Maggie had to abandon when they were accosted by Merle. When the screen went black I yelled at my TV for the show to not be over, but sadly it was. This hour just flew by, the mark of a really great episode. Walking Dead continues to amaze and enthrall me this season, those of us that decided to stick around after a super lack luster season last year are really getting paid off for our loyalty.

4.5 out of 5 nerds

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