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TV REVIEW: FTN reviews The Walking Dead SO3EO7 When The Dead Come Knocking

November 26th, 2012 by Christopher Williams Comments

Glenn and Maggie go through some extreme interrogation in Woodbury. Michonne leads the way for Rick and his crew to Woodbury to rescue Glenn and Maggie. Milton is up to some extreme nerdy creepiness and the Governor shows his flare for non-nerdy creepiness.

Okay, first off, I have to start by saying ‘Holy motherf%$&ing $#!%balls with some @#$!ing holy *$@%s on top!!’. Anything less than a profanity laced exclamation would just understate how I felt about last night’s episode. Last night was hands down the best episode of the Walking Dead of all time, and possibly the single greatest episode of any TV show period, ever. Every single scene grabbed me and pulled me in from the very beginning right down to the very last shot of the Governor’s steely face staring off into the distance. There was not a single frame shot and put on the screen the last night that I didn’t enjoy ever so thoroughly.

F@*!ing Glenn, this dude is the man! We see him taking a serious beat down from Merle while he’s tied down, with Merle questioning him about the location of their camp. Glenn is a soldier! He refuses to talk and actually head butts Merle. I sat in awe of Glenn as we see a shot of poor Maggie, secluded in another room, overhearing every single shot that Glenn takes, something like that has to seriously wear down on a person mentally. Back at the prison, Michonne is at the gates and in need of help as she is surrounded by walkers who by now have figured out she is a breather. Rick is hesitant to help, but Carl makes the decision for him as he puts a down a few walkers. I loved how Carl made the call for Rick, even though he’s been hardened by his experiences he’s still human and this action here lets us know that.

After bringing Michonne inside Daryl has a surprise for Rick, Carol is still alive! Rick and Carol’s reunion has to be one of my favorite moments from this show. Hats off to Andrew Lincoln and Melissa McBride for one of the most emotional scenes ever from the Walking Dead. Both actors, and all with about three words of dialogue played their tearful reunion brilliantly. That ladies and gentleman is acting! Just when I started to tear up, Carol sees the baby, but doesn’t see Lori and she looks over at Rick as he nods, confirming Lori’s death. That’s when I went from tearing up to the floodgates opening with a few tears rolling down my cheek. Michonne watches this moment, finally realizing after her Woodbury experiences, that Rick and his group are the opposite of the Governor and his crew.

With Michonne’s information, Rick, Daryl, Axel and Oscar load up to rescue Glenn and Maggie. I read about another popular character from the comics making his debut soon, who also happen to be black. As soon as Oscar volunteered for this mission I immediately thought ‘Nice knowing ya Oscar’, since there doesn’t seem to room for more than one black guy at a time on this show. Oscar made it through the whole episode last night unscathed, but I’m thinking that could change with next week’s mid season finale. Anyway, while the car is being loaded, Rick has a little conversation with Carl, with Rick telling him to make sure the grounds stay secure if Rick should happen to not return. That all leads to the new baby finally getting a name, its Judith! I loved the subtle touch here as Carl decides to name his sister after his third grade teacher. With Carl picking such a random person from his life to name the baby after, I got the feeling that Carl is looking to hold onto the past while building the future, almost as if there was a new version of his teacher now.

Now for the best scene ever in the history of the show, my man Glenn does it again. Choosing not to cooperate with Merle, Merle decides to unleash a walker in the small room where Glenn is being held, bound to a chair. In one of the most badass moments I’ve ever seen, Glenn fights for his survival, pushing over big items onto the walker to buy some time. He manages to get to his feet, break the chair he’s tied to, and uses the leg of the chair to kill the walker. I felt every bit of this intense scene as Glenn kept using the items in the room to keep the walker at bay. Holy f@*!, this was the most intense thing I’ve ever scene on TV and once Glenn put down the walker, I howled out loud like an athlete who just made a great play, only seconds before Glenn himself did. Yeah, this scene sucked me in completely. Glenn sir, you now rank up there with Jack Bauer and Al Bundy on my list of TV heroes.

Andrea gets introduced to one of Milton’s little projects, seeing if the conscience mind is still somewhere in there once a person starts to transform into a walker. This is all done with a series of questions designed to illicit a response from the dead being, in this case a dying old man, with Andrea there to play Milton’s bodyguard. Milton’s fascination with the walkers is more than a bit disturbing as well as his voyeuristic fantasy of seeing someone change. He’s a rookie to this change however, and once his subject dies, Andrea has to calm his nerves as they strap the subject down. He reminds me of one of those guys who’s fascinated by war, until the bullets start whizzing by his head. Andrea tries to tell Milton that there is nothing left of the person once they change, but Milton stays bound to his scientific duties. Milton gets a little to zealous with his experiment once his subject changes as he thinks that a slight jerk was a response from the subject, which warrants the restraints to be removed. Milton is one of those guys with all the book smarts in the world, but drop him into a real life situation and he would be way out of his depth, all book smarts, and no street smarts. Of course upon undoing the restraints, the subject tries to attack him and Andrea takes care of it with a quick knife to the skull. I loved how cavalier Andrea was with the whole thing as Milton stared on in shock realizing how close he came to death.

The Governor interrogates Maggie next, and all I can say is, what a super creep. With what he put Maggie through, I wanted to reach out and kill him myself. I felt so bad for her as he degraded her like that, though degradation is definitely an understatement. She still refuses to talk though, I loved the “Do what you’re going to do and then go to hell” line.  Man, Maggie is no joke either. Unfortunately the Governor finds her weak spot, threatening to kill Glenn right in front of her. This was her breaking point and she spills the beans about the prison. The Governor’s surprise that a group of ten people took the prison when Merle told him that they couldn’t was great. Yeah Gov, Rick and his crew are badasses, not just wannna be’s playing soldier. The Governor sends out a few scouts to recon the prison, and like he guessed, Rick and Daryl are right outside of the Woodbury wall.

We see Rick and his crew right outside the walls, which then pans to Andrea walking by right inside the wall. What a brilliant shot! Andrea goes to be with her man as the Governor offers her some consoling after her experience with Milton’s experiment. Then it ends with the Governor staring off into space giving off his most bit of creepy aura yet.

Wow, what an episode! I find that it would be hard to top everything we saw last night, but I’m hoping that next week’s mid season finale can find a way to do that, but the Walking Dead crew set the bar really high last night in every aspect, from the storytelling, to the tension building right down to the camera work. This had to be the most fast paced, hold on tight to your seats episodes ever, I was not bored once during the whole show. One thing I was disappointed with was Michonne’s dialogue, we all wanted to hear two words come of her mouth, Andrea and Merle, and she never got around to that. It’s obvious they are waiting to hold these big reveals until next week, but the suspense is killing me, as I’m sure it is with all of you. That being said, if you are missing out on this show, whether you weren’t impressed with last season, or never watched before, you are missing out on the greatest show currently running on TV. This is the first time since I started reviewing for The Nerd where I felt our 5 nerd rating system doesn’t serve the material justice. In my heart this episode is a 10 out of 5 nerds (yeah, I always sucked at math), but sadly I can only go to 5, so…

5 out 5 nerds

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