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TV REVIEW: FTN reviews The Walking Dead SO3EO8 Made To Suffer

December 3rd, 2012 by Christopher Williams Comments

Carl helps a group of survivors that made their way into the prison. Rick pulls off a daring rescue of Glenn and Maggie. Michonne delivers some hurt to the Governor. Daryl and Merle are finally reunited and Andrea is left with a stupid look on her face.

Popular character from the comics, Tyreese, makes his debut in the mid season finale. He’s leading his own group of survivors consisting of his sister Sasha, Ben, Allen and Donna. The group are making their way through the woods, fighting walkers as they go, when they happen upon the prison where Rick and his group are staying. They are caught up in a battle with some walkers when Carl, drawn by the noise, shows up to help. Carl takes command, blasting a few walkers with a pistol that looked all the sweeter with a sick looking silencer attached to it. Carl leads the group to safety, but refuses to allow the group access to the secure area of the prison seeing as how he doesn’t know them and one of their group, Donna, has been bitten and they are hesitant to put her down. These guys must’ve seemed like real pussies to Carl, the kid put down his mother for God sake. Being introduced to Tyreese was great, but following the “one black guy at a time’ rule, this doesn’t bode well for Oscar, who if you’ll remember, earned his place in the group with the death of T-Dog.

Continuing on with the ‘Glenn is the biggest bad ass of the year’ theme, Glenn snaps off the arm of the walker he killed last week, then he snaps the forearm in half to form makeshift weapons for him and Maggie. I loved how Maggie never questioned or looked at Glenn like a monster, he just looked at her, handed the bone to her, and she silently accepted it as if she knew the deal. Unfortunately their escape attempt fails, even so, how sick was it to see Maggie then take that forearm bone and stick it through the neck of one of Merle’s guys, no hesitation. The gunfire that ensued from the escape attempt does luckily draw Rick, Daryl, Oscar and Michonne to their location. In a hail of smoke grenades, Rick and company grab up the imprisoned group members and make off to take cover in Woodbury and plot their escape. In doing so, Michonne takes a moment to slip away from the group, where she takes some time to visit the Governor’s quarters.

The Governor also makes plans to storm the prison and let the place fill back up with walkers. The Governor was hoping that Merle could reach out to Daryl and use him as an inside man. I was highly confused by the Governor’s motives here. He has no plans to use the prison, I’m pretty sure he’s not looking to recruit Rick and his group into Woodbury, so why even mess with them at all? Why not just let Rick and company live out their lives in peace? This Governor dude is one twisted guy, but we already knew that anyway.

While huddled up in an obscure room in Woodbury, Glenn tells Daryl that Merle is still alive and that it was Merle who was responsible for Glenn’s condition. Daryl initially wants to find Merle, but reason prevails as Rick convinces Daryl that they must evacuate a severely injured Glenn and Maggie. I can understand Daryl’s need to want to see Merle, but come on guy, the mission comes first, plus you could always come back for Merle. Meanwhile, Michonne finds the Governor’s creep room decorated with aquariums full of walker heads, and his walker daughter, Penny. Not realizing Penny is a walker, Michonne releases her thinking she is a captive. Once she pulls off Penny’s hood she sees she has a walker on her hands, and that’s when the Governor shows up. In an excellent camera shot, Michonne puts her blade right through the back of Penny’s head, which leads to a hand-to-hand fight with the Governor. After a knock down, drag out fight which sees some of the aquariums shatter and walker heads spilled, Michonne, at a severe disadvantage, reaches for a shard of glass and pulls it free with her hand and then quickly plants it in the Governor’s eye. Whoo, oh my God!!! Seeing Michonne grab that glass and rip it from the aquarium with her bare hand and then stab the Governor with it had me on the edge of my seat. I could feel my hand start to rip apart as she grabbed the glass like that.

Rick and his group make their move to escape Woodbury, Daryl falls behind, and Rick starts to hallucinate that Shane is coming after him with a shotgun. Rick puts down Shane and realizes that it wasn’t Shane at all. Meanwhile the group starts to make over the wall using a school bus to climb up on. Rick is laying down cover fire as Oscar helps Maggie and Glenn onto the bus. We all know what’s coming next though, right? Oscar takes a shotgun blast to the side and doesn’t make it; I almost had to laugh at that point as I have been anticipating Oscar’s death ever since news broke that Tyreese would join the show. Andrea also comes out blasting at Rick who she doesn’t realize is Rick, with the Governor trying to convince her to stay out of the fray.

Man, Andrea has to be the stupidest character ever. She stops Michonne from killing the Governor and discovers his little horror room. Not only is she not completely freaked out by what her man’s been doing, she actually believes his lame attempts to explain his room. Then when the fighting breaks out the Governor gives her every lame excuse as to why she can’t join the battle, but she never questions his motives. Sure she tried to change his mind, but she never even gets a tiny bit suspicious. After Rick and what’s left of his group escape, the Governor holds a town meeting at their arena area. There he turns on Merle and accuses Merle of betraying the town, as proof he offers up a captured Daryl. That’s when we get the stupid look on Andrea’s face. We don’t get the satisfaction of knowing what’s going on in her head, but I seriously hope it’s her realizing that she was shooting at her friends. The episode ends as the town of Woodbury bloodlusts for Merle and Daryl’s death. Oh yeah, and Axel is a creep also.

Though not near as gripping as last week’s episode, Made To Suffer was still great in it’s own right.  Seeing Rick and his team move through Woodbury like a highly trained para-military unit was a great sight, especially their usage of the smoke grenades. The brawl between the Governor and Michonne was one of the tensest scenes of the episode. My one complaint is the whole leaving Andrea’s presence in Woodbury as an open cliffhanger. Sure Daryl knows, and now she maybe knows that her group is still alive, but Rick doesn’t know. I would’ve loved to see the look on his face as he realizes he’s exchanging bullets with Andrea. I would have to say that is my one and only complaint about the episode at all. Aside from that we got another rock solid show capping the halfway point through the best season of the show so far. That’s right, I am officially calling this as even better then season one. Now I just have to figure out what I’m going to do until February.

4.5 out of 5 nerds

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