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TV REVIEW: FTN Reviews Clone Wars S05E04 The Soft War

October 21st, 2012 by Christopher Williams Comments

The rebellion on Onderon is gaining steam. The people are starting to side with our rebel heroes. In the midst of the chaos they are causing the Separatists decide now is the time to execute the true king of Onderon, Dendum(forgive any misspelling of names since Star Wars names can be the most difficult in all of nerdom), to send a message to the people that the Separatists are in control. The rebels hatch a plan to rescue Dendum from his execution and instead send a message to the people that Onderon belongs to them, not the Separatists.

I’m really loving this storyline as its providing lots of great action and elicits good emotional responses from me as the rebels try to free their home system. I can’t help but notice though that every scene is becoming too easily predictable. From the rebels deciding to free the ousted king at his execution in a Robin Hoodian manne,r right down to the general of Onderon making a last minute switch to join the rebels. That last one I can forgive since they foreshadowed the hell out of it leading right up to his rebel turn.

I will say that these Onderonion characters are great. I love Steela as the righteous rebel leader willing to make the tough choices, such as choosing not to rescue her brother Sar when his brash solo attempt to rescue Dendum(another predictable moment). She oozes that decisive leadership that permeates Princess Leia’s character. Her brother, Sar, is another great character. His speech to the general about being a true patriot of Onderon and not a terrorist really hit home with me as I have a different world view than the majority of those I know. The way the Separatist controlled king spins the rebels as terrorists echoes a lot of the things that I see happening in the world today (don’t worry, I’m not about to go into any conspiracy driven political rants here. I save those for FaceBook).

Of course their rescue attempt fails, almost causing Ahsoka to intervene against the Jedi Council’s wishes, but it needed to in order to give the general the opening to turn on the Separatists and rescue the king and the rebels himself. This was a bit of drawback to the episode gripe since he too his almost captured causing Ahsoka to intervene anyway. I didn’t see the need for it since it didn’t serve the plot in any way unless the overall arc needed to have the Jedi exposed as backers of the proxy rebel militia of Onderon. My other small gripe was the cliché scene of Lux making goggly eyes at Stella and her giving him the also cliché “I need to be alone” statement, followed by him walking away giving the cliché look over the shoulder as he left, and of course Stella returning the cliché look back and smiling once he left. How many times has that scene been done over and over again? Despite that, the Clone Wars is still delivering a great story with great action. I loved the way Lux stepped up and started plugging away at droids during the failed rescue attempt. He’s really starting to hold his own as a soldier and not just a politician.

Next week will look to wrap up this story and I’m kind of sad about that. I never thought I would get so attached to a story that has minimal Jedi Force usage and Lightsaber duels. I can only hope that the series will revisit Onderon and these characters in the future.

4 out 5 nerds

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