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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews Batwoman Season 3 Episode 3: Freeze

October 28th, 2021 by Todd Black Comments

Ok, I’m going full-force into the rage here because between what was teased at the end of the episode, and then what was shown in the preview, I have every reason to rage. Why?


First of all, can we note how disrespectful this is to Kate? That she leaves and Sophie decides to hitch it up with the other Batwoman? Granted, I said I would be mad if they put Ryan with Renee (and still would be) but this is just as bad!

And you can argue, “But Todd, lots of shows do things about people who hate each other and then love each other! Think of Sam and Diane from Cheers! The two people from Moonlighting! Half the cast of Riverdale!” I threw in that last one because those first two references make me sound REALLY old. But yeah, I can see why you say that, the difference is that Ryan spent ALL of last season pretty much hating Sophie for being a Crowe, and then when she joined Team Batwoman it was fine for some reason and they were friends. And that’s fine that they were friends. But now, suddenly, Sophie has feelings for Ryan? And Ryan is flirting with Sophie over comms? WHAT IS THIS MADNESS?!!?!!?!

This is trope-ness times 100 and I’m not here for it. This is bad character writing, development, and so on. Also, remember when Sophie was bouncing around from girl to girl in episode 1 of this season? Clearly no one else does!

And notice how I haven’t touched on the rest of this episode yet? Yeah, exactly, that’s why I touched on this first because it was so infuriating.

Moving onto the ACTUAL plot, another prediction I made in my last review was that the drama between Ryan and her birth mother was going to get messier, and I was exactly right. Not only did their “night meeting” get abruptly ended for reasons not specified, but then Jada called Ryan back…just to blow her off? How does that make sense? Hint: it does not.

Meanwhile, her second meeting also brings forth her brother who is…a lot. Not all in a bad way, but man did they make him over the top. But at least through him we got SOME context here. Mainly in that Ryan was the child of an affair Jada had (which honestly isn’t a bad story beat and explains many things). And he apparently wants to work with Ryan to…show up his mom? Yeah, that’s…something.

Moving on again, the “reference of the week” was that of Mr. Freeze and his cryo containers. But in a twist, we got see a seriously aged Nora Freeze (Fries) as well. Thankfully, they explained her aged appearance (and no, I don’t have a problem with it, mainly because of them using this in another show called Eureka and if you think about it, it makes sense to an extent), and how she was in Elseworlds when we met her the first time.

In fact, I’d go so far as to say that Nora was the MVP of this episode! Because she was blunt, hilarious, and not afraid to call it like it is, including having Mary see Alice’s point of view.

Speaking of Alice, they once again did a 50-50 thing with her where she was perfectly herself one minute, and then devolving in another section. They’re REALLY harping on this “going actually crazy” bit now that she has nanotech in her and you honestly have to wonder where this is going. Is this really just about her wanting freedom? Or is this something else entirely? It’s hard to tell.

Just as hard to tell is how they come up with some of these stories. Because you’re telling me the MOMENT that Nora’s sister Dee gets the container that some random thugs find Nora and demand to help “their client” get better? Also, did you notice that they didn’t mention who the client was? Hopefully, that thread will be pulled or this whole bit was a waste of time.

I could go on (including that freezing bridge part), but in truth, I’d rather not. “Freeze” had some good elements (pun intended) but once again they decided to go full-force on things and do it quickly versus spreading it out over time and allowing things to grow naturally. Don’t believe me? How much do you want to bet that by the end of next episode Ryan and her brother are working together despite Ryan saying no this episode? See you next week to see if I win the bet…



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