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TV Reviews: FTN Reviews The 100th Episode Of Legends Of Tomorrow!

October 28th, 2021 by Todd Black Comments

Yes, we finally got the right art! Yay us! Also, hope you don’t mind the special title for this one. Given the “code-based” nature of the “real” title…I just wasn’t going to type it all out.

The 100th episode of the Arrowverse shows usually have a similar feel to them in regards to “honoring the past” while also pushing forward the future. The Legends episode did that fairly well for the most part, even if they did a few “bugs” along the way. See what I did there?

The whole episode was focused around Gideon, who is still getting used to her human form and after a “moral dilemma” brought to her by Astra and Spooner, she has a literal mental breakdown and the two have to enter her mind and fight off a virus that is trying to corrupt her. Simple, right?

And this is where we see the past and present collide because as a British-sounding Jax lets us know (odd choice, but whatever), we have to visit Gideon’s memories to remind her of why it’s ok to feel as she does.

I’m not going to lie, it felt REALLY good to see a lot of the OGs. Especially Captain Cold, Ray (whom we’ll see again via Armageddon), Jax and Stein, Nora, and so on. While many are ok with the “new recruits” and the nature of the show is to “replace and move forward”, for many of the OG fans, the original legends were the best. Even if some of the newer additions like Constantine (still mad about him being gone for the record) and Ava felt perfect with those OGs.

While it was odd seeing some of the memories that she “chose to recall” like the bathroom thing (ok…) we did get to see some moments that wouldn’t fit in other episodes like “celebrating all the holidays at once” bit, or the karaoke bit and so on. It’s not hard to see why she kept a lot of these.

And while her plight of wondering “whether it’s fine to be human” was a bit cliche, her working it out and not “killing the villain” was honestly a nice twist. As it was just another part of herself that didn’t understand all that was going on and thus wasn’t evil, just misguided. And the Legends past and present coming together at the end to welcome her to the team (with the “assembled” shot at the end being the cherry on top) was truly beautiful and a worthy sendoff for many who had come and gone.

…you waiting for the shoe to drop? Yeah, it’s coming.

Let’s start with Astra, who was WAY too annoying, especially given all the personal growth she had gone in recent episodes and last season. She was WAY too eager to erase Gideon’s personality in order to “keep the super computer” and get on her way. Only to then 180 it by the time she went through all the memories and not even admit why she was wrong.

Then, there was Bishop. His reappearance was not only annoying (he was a terrible villain) but it made no sense in various ways. Including how he would remember things despite being brainwiped, how he copied Gideon’s AI without ANYONE noticing, and how his doing what he’s doing breaks the timeline in a variety of ways. Seriously, why bring him back when we already have a time crisis on our hands?

Also, and I’ll admit this is a personal gripe, the virus form of Gideon being her human form without clothes…kind of odd. If anything, they should’ve used her original A.I. form like they did with her talking to Bishop. That in many ways encapsulates the “emotionless” Gideon overall more than that avatar did. Again, personal gripe, but it did rub me the wrong way.

Finally, while I was THRILLED to see some many OGs back, there were a few things odd about it. Including Constantine and Mick not being there (though the former could be explained because of facial hair for his new character). Speaking of facial hair, Hawkman most definitely did NOT have that facial hair in season 1. Yes, it may have been too much to ask for a complete reunion, but you do have to wonder why they weren’t included, and you notice Hawkgirl wasn’t even mentioned?

In the end though, the 100th episode of a show that likely was not expected to last this long or be this beloved by fans did a good job of making things feel special and reminding us why this show has lasted this long despite some bumps in the road. While we likely won’t get a 200th episode, it was definitely worth it to see this show go this far. Especially now that they have a new Legend that has been with them since episode 1.


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