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We break down what’s known about the new series of Doctor Who… happy 50th indeed

July 18th, 2012 by Owen Quinn Comments

Just when you thought Let’s kill Hitler earned the prize for the stand out title ever in Doctor Who, think again.

Episode One Asylum of the Daleks sees a Chinese Emperor give the Doctor a task and is said to be a bit of a Die Hard episode. Could it be to break into the asylum where cobwebbed Daleks lie?

Episode Two has been revealed as Dinosaurs in a Spaceship. Now I can’t wait. This episode features Harry potter and Being Human’s Mark Williams as Rory’s dad and a clip was shown at the recent Comic Con showing the Doctor, Rory’s dad and Queen Nefertiti entering spaceship full of dinosaurs. It may also be partly set in ancientEgypt.  I can’t wait but why do the Americans get to see this Stuff first? It’s not really on Who makers, though we are promised a new trailer soon.

Episode Three is now confirmed as A Town Called Mercy. This is the western episode that has been reported on widely with citizens with strange markings on their faces, a cyborg gunslinger, Amy’s terrible gun skills and Ben Browder from Stargate and Farscape guest starring. It a town where the locals know what aliens are and when the Doctor admits he’s one, they drag him away.

Episode Four has been named as Cubed and footage has shown Unit is back and storming the Pond’s house as dozens of black cubes appear everywhere. They cause people to fall ill and Rory’s dad, Brian returns.  An Ood was on set but his may be another one of those mini episodes things they do for DVD extras or Blue Peter. Now an interesting rumour is the inclusion of a character played by Jemma Redgrave who plays Kate Stewart who may be the late Brigadier’s daughter. Now that would be a nice touch.

Episode Five is it for the Ponds who will leave forever but the question is how? River Song and the Angels are back. Rory may be transported to oldNew York. Filming has taken place in a graveyard with Amy reading from the same book as the Doctor does earlier in the episode when they picnic. It is said this is Rory’s funeral because as we know, not even the Doctor can save anyone that has fallen victim to them.

It has also been confirmed the new series starting with Asylum of the Daleks will start in August possibly the 25th. And with Stephen Moffat saying we will find out the truth behind the first question ‘Doctor Who?’, the return of the Weeping Angels, Ood, new companion who may or not be the twelfth Doctor, rumours of the return of the Ice Warriors and Zygons, absolutely outstanding guest stars and the return of the fourth Doctor, things for the 50th anniversary are certainly heating up.

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