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What is happening with Supernatural Season 7 in the UK?

July 4th, 2012 by Paddy 2 Comments

Confusion continues as to when UK viewers will finally get to see Supernatural Season 7.

The show began airing 10 months ago in the USA but Sky Living has yet to screen it here.
They have confirmed it is on their schedule but have removed it from the July slot it was supposed to be in.
The earliest we can expect to see it now is in August, just as the eighth series begins to air in the USA.
It’s funny how they have no such problems when airing Teen Wolf less than a week after it airs stateside.
You have to wonder how surprising it is that piracy is so high when the fans get treated like this over this side of the Atlantic.
Then again, this should come as no surprise to UK fans of Chuck who watched in horror as Sky Living dumped the show, which is yet to receive a UK airing of the final season, from their schedules.

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2 Responses

  1. The thing that really annoys is the delay this causes on the DVD release of TV shows, Chuck season 5 at least now has a UK release date of October, but Supernatural Season 7 doesn’t – the reason being that most seasons have a broadcast exclusivity built in to the purchase, meaning that any DVD can’t be released until the season has aired (so they don’t lose the audience and get no money from advertising). This is why Supernatural in the UK gets hald season box sets released (Season 1, part 1, season 1, part 2, etc) because that way they could release the first half on DVD once those 10-12 episodes had aired, but not have to wait for the rest of the season to finish airing. The US has no such dvd releases, only the full season once it’s finished broadcast.

    It’s also worth noting that Nikita, which also airs on Sky Living, is only about to start it’s second season here too, but this aired alongside Supernatural in the US (Both are made by the same network stateside – the CW) and both finished the same time. Once again, Nikita had finished it’s full run of season 2 (and like supernatural is coming back in the US for September) long before Sky Living will be airing it.

  2. FINALLY……..Wednesday 1st August Sky Living 10pm Supernatural Season 7 starts.

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