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Who’s Got A New Console Room?

December 19th, 2012 by Saxon Comments

The BBC have released a new promotional image of Matt Smith standing in the new look TARDIS set,  which will debue in this years Christmas adventure The Snowmen.  

And it looks… old school.  Gone are the days of bright shiny colours, steampunk gadgetry  and coral columns.  Instead we are presented with a stripped back console room reminiscent of the Fifth Doctor’s version, with an Eighth Doctor-esque time rotor.  The stalwart roundels remain, adorning the dull green walls, and there does seem to be levels to this TARDIS as well, as stairs and railings can be seen behind the console.  But overall, it is much smaller than the Eleventh Doctor’s previous interior.  In fact, I’d reckon it’s even smaller then the Ninth and Tenth Doctors’.

There are several theories about this new interior.  Some fans are guessing that this may be a secondary control room, as seen in past Doctor Who adventures.  Or it may be a temporary set, built to reflect the Doctor’s Scrooge-like attitude throughout The Snowmen, then when the gorgeous Clara steps onboard to melt his hearts, it will revert back to its bright and happy playground mode.  And of course, the TARDIS has gone all retro on us to reflect the upcoming 50th Anniversary celebrations next year.  But either way, for a Police Box that’s meant to be bigger on the inside, it’s certainly looking a bit cramped in there…

As always let us know your thoughts and theories… will this be the console room that the Doctor and Clara step out of at the beginning of each episode from now on?  Or is it just temporary?

The Snowmen airs at 5:15pm on Christmas Day

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